Wednesday, 17 December 2008


A proposal to have directly elected members of local Police Authorities is causing concern among Labour councillors and MPs.

Cllr Paul Murphy of the Greater Manchester Police authority said that allowing local representation could result in "extremist " and "single issue parties such as the BNP " with different agendas gaining influence. "I have heard that the BNP would endeavour to gain representation" he said.

Of course we have a different agenda from that of the other parties.
As far as policing is concerned we do NOT agree with wanted terrorists being employed to "advise" Scotland Yard.
We do NOT agree with persecution of legitimate leafletters and members of a legal political party being arrested and their homes searched.
We DO object to the police chief in Manchester saying he would destroy the BNP.
We DO object to a policeman being sacked for wearing a BNP badge when off duty even though he was not a Party member.
We DO object that membership of the BNP is proscribed in the Police Force whereas membership of extremist groups who wish to take over this country such as Hizb ut Tahrir is not.
These are just a few police matters we would aim to correct.
I presume Cllr Murphy considers himself non political as well as the chairman of the commons committee Keith Vaz MP (who spends much of his time resisting immigration controls). No doubt they consider the above complaints of no importance or the abuse of power they demonstrate justified.
But did they stand as Independants or on the Labour ticket? They are hypocrits as well.
The good news is that their worries are a sign of our increasing influence, and a threat to their cosy consensus and objective of the destruction of our country.

Of course we , as a political party want influence, there's not much point in being a party if we don't.

As far as being single issue party I suppose we are--
TO AVOID THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE, and we will continue to work to this end in spite of them.

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