Friday, 31 October 2008


Last week a sporting event was held to help black and ethnic minorities participate in sport, at what cost I ask. The excuse given is that ethnic minorities have difficulties regarding cost and transport in sport and that some regard sport as "not for them". The fact that there are many black sportsmen, some of them very well paid seems to have escaped the authorities. However there are not many asian athletes owing to them being physically less capable at sports such as football, rugby and track events showing that skin colour has no effect on sporting prowess but racial type.
All races are not equal in ability regardless of colour.
The costs of sport impinges on many English kids and the statement that Wigan Metro wants to integrate communities shows how it divides the races up. There should be only one community here and that is the community of Wiganers. Extra subsidies for the black and ethnic minorities (who were not invited here) is an insult to council taxpayers many of whom have difficulty in paying their bills.

Politically correct rubbish and again we pay!

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