Saturday, 1 November 2008


In two weeks the annual BBC farce "Children in Need" takes place. It purports to support children but closer examination of causes to which it donates indicate that a large proportion (after large administration costs) goes to helping the children of immigrants, travellers and many in foreign countries. Much of the small part going to British children goes to the NSPCC, notorious for taking children from parents on the slightest pretext, at the instigation of politically correct immature social workers. This causes great injustice and there is no appeal against their decision (remember Cleveland and Rochdale) Cases of genuine abuse are missed.

I used to be a strong supporter of the NSPCC but since the former notorious cases have ceased to fund them. They often do more harm than good.

Charity begins at home!

If you want to give, support the Poppy Day appeal or the local Hospice or any local charity where the money goes direct and cuts out those who make a living out of others generosity---but

DON'T SUPPORT CHILDREN IN NEED,- it's not your British kids who benefit!

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Anti-gag said...

This sounds a little harsh, although factually correct. Could you not ask readers to redirect their support to a Children’s hospitals in the North West?

But having just now reread the last posting, I see great minds think alike (well almost). Your idea of helping the Poppy appeal or a local hospice is spot on.

Well done Wigan BNP.

Chris Hill