Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The stories in the press over the last few days about the squirming of Immigration Minister Mr Woolas is both interesting and heartening.
Mr Woolas at first stated he would have a tough regime on immigration and would be seen to be stepping up deportations of prisoners and illegal immigrants. He indicated that the perception that the government was not acting on these measures was false and giving rise to increased support for the BNP.

So that's it. Not that the country is becoming unsustainably overpopulated and divided, his concern is the "rise of the BNP"

That's it Phil, get your priorities right!---your job is more important than the future of your country.

Later he had to backtrack somewhat owing to the reaction of his PC and lefty colleagues and does not want to be as strict on deportations as he said. In fact he is not sure what he is saying. He is trying to be all things to all men and think the British people will not notice.WE WILL and--

Encouragingly we are frightening them and they are trying to counter our increasingly popular message.
We have to admit we are a small party compared to the others but WE PUNCH FAR ABOVE OUR WEIGHT. Nearly every day some politician or other voices concern at our growing support.
Their cosy little cabal is being threatened and THEY DON'T LIKE IT.

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