Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Two days ago there was a report in the Wigan Evening Post of a man of Asian genetics being racially abused on the Landgate estate. Death threats were made, his house and car vandalised, he was spat upon and his dog threatened.
He has taken some of the offenders to court but the punishment has been only "a slap on the wrist"
Meanwhile minor insults to recent immigrants are met with jail sentences.

You may ask why? You may ask why is a BNP blogger taking this man's case up?--read on.

This man was born in this country of Asian parentage 62 years ago. He acts like a Briton, thinks like a Briton, talks like a Briton (geordie actually) and has lived here all his life. But he is not a muslim in spite of his name.
In fact apart from his Asian genetics he is as British as any one of us.

Could this be the reason the authorities are not taking it very seriously---he is too British.

It is strange how the authorities jump on the slightest incident involving recent immigrants while tending to ignore this man's plight.

He is on our side,unlike many who come here from abroad and therefore "must be welcomed"

We should be on his side and protect him from the trash who persecute him. He would be safer under a BNP administration as we believe in justice.

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