Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Let's take a look, using a short series of photographs, at the real significance of the leaders of our society and world in the grand scheme of things. Let's use Jocky Broon as our example.

Well, on the small scale of just the inner planets and Pluto (the rocky planets), even his vast girth doesn't amount to so much as a speck of dust. Not very significant then eh? Let's take a look at all the planets together.

Good Lord, even the Earth itself doesn't look too significant now. What does that make Jocky? Ah, ok then, perhaps he'll seem more significant if set against a grander background. Shall we look at the whole Solar System?

Jocky, Jocky, wherefore art thou Jocky? We know you're in there somewhere. But do you amount to anything more than a hill of beans in the significance stakes? Does anyone? The Earth itself doesn't look more than a speck of dust set on this scale. Let's take a larger-scale look at this.

So now the Earth isn't even a speck of dust. On this scale it's trivial. Where's Jocky? How significant is he? Still, at least we can still see our Sun. Our Sun's big - surely we'll always be able to see that even if Jocky has become the incredible shrinking man. We'll always be able to see it - even if Jocky's nothing, our Sun will always be something. Wont it? Let's see.

Oh dearie me - on this scale even our Sun is next to nothing - just one pixel in size. A speck of dust. Now I happen to know that there are stars out there in ... never mind the Universe ... our Milky Way galaxy alone that in comparison to Antares, make Antares look like our Sun looks here: invisible, it's so trivial. So on this scale, and on the scales in the following film, how trivial is our planet, and how trivial is Jocky on that planet? Jocky, like the rest of us you are nothing so lets be having less of the Prime Ministerial self-importance shall we? Fewer of those table-thumping tantrums when addressing junior staff would be a welcome start.

Watch this:


"The Prime Minister has been taking morning workouts with Millie Dobie, a £50-an-hour coach, according to reports."

Don't bother Jocky; save your (probably our) money: you are already small, trivial and insignificant enough despite your apparent vast girth. If you really want to lose weight, it might help if you stopped eating your bogies ... at least when you're on camera in Parliament. Yes, we've all seen it.

And if you want to read my idea of a morning workout, go read the later comments on this post:


When I'm feeling a little cocky, I like to look at this series of photos, and that short film, to give myself a sense of how insignificant I really am in the grand scheme of things. Don't you all wish our self-important world "leaders" might take a leaf out of my book? Proper humility is good for the soul.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

I'm impressed, and I do like the pictures. But I have to ask is there a hidden meaning in the post?

What we all thought was a real solid giant Jupiter, in reality turns out to be nothing more than a big ball of obnoxious gas.

Can anyone see an analogy here?

Well done anyway on a very good start to your new look blog.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

No Chris - it's a straightforward post about the value of personal humility. Ok, maybe a ball of gas in mind, but I saw that as Jocky Broon, and didn't see any metaphorical representation in the pictures.

I really wanted to post tonight about the Wigan Housing Revenue Account, but accounts couldn't immediately put together all the files I asked for, so I came home without the precise information I needed for the post. I got a phone call from them about 4pm saying the files were now all ready for me. I'll be in there first thing tomorrow am.

I asked for all accounts files relating to the Housing Revenue Account; all the files relating to financial transactions to/from the Wigan and Leigh Hate Crimes Unit - including details of who the Unit made grants and other payments to (I know at least one of our members who is VERY interested in that). That's all about our good friend Elliot. More files on anything relating to Common Purpose ... and just in case Renew Northwest is being used as a cut-out for CP, I asked for all financial transactions between the council and that too. The files are all sitting there waiting for me as I type. I'll hotfoot it over in the morning.

PS I can state categorically that ratepayers - Council Tax payers - do NOT subsidise the rents of council tenants. NOT NOT NOT. Approx figures (exact figures tomorrow night): Treasury (Jocky Broon's empire) sent approx 4.8 million to the HRA in 2007/8 as rent subsidy. The Wigan HRA sent approx 8 million to the treasury as the treasury's 75% take on all council house/flat sales (205 flats/houses in 07/08). HRA accounts are ring-fenced. This in effect means that actually, council tenants some of them are amongst the poorest people in the country ... it includes pensioners in op's accommodation ... subsidised the treasury to the tune of about 3.2 million (and that's just Wigan - they're doing this with every council in the country. The treasury must be raking in billions from the poor, via Local Authorities). I'll make a comprehensive blog on this tomorrow night (probably late on - it's going to be long and complex)with exact figures. Central gov has been asset-stripping local authorities ever since Thatcher introduced council house sales. It is to Labour's great shame that they continued it; but then, we know Jocky's predeliction for stealth taxes. Media talks about those types of taxes, but nobody talks about the council house scam - after all, that's only ripping off poor people isn't it, not the middle classes that constitute ... the media.

GC is going to have to wait, slavering at the bit for the Elliot stuff. Maybe for a couple of days. I'm not an accountant, so it takes me quite a while to look at the numbers and work out what's going on, coherently enough to write about it.

And people like BNP HQ (website), JS and V in Donny will have to wait even longer for any CP info I can glean from the accounts. I've no doubt they all scan the unofficial BNP blogs. I'll email them links to what I manage to write.

I really am going to have to take sufficient accounting (not book-keeping) education to be able to understand accounts better and know how to interrogate the numbers so I know what files to ask for. And that's the key to it all - knowing what questions to ask the data so that you know what files to ask for. I'm going to miss a lot this year - some education and I'll catch it next year. Will do the GMP Police Authority too.I'll be asking for help in this through the party - I can't afford to go find it myself. I can't afford it because I'm free. What do I mean by that? Well, in this country there are two ways of being free enough to speak your mind - you either have more money the God, or be destitute. Destitute is easier to achieve, especially these days. I can say what I want because I have nothing worth suing me for. If all my possessions were taken off me and sold, they might raise £60 on a good day. It's not even worth the cost of sending a bailiff around. That makes me free. Think about it.

Lanky Patriot said...

Very good Morgan, it puts everything and everybody in perspective and it shows our tiny little speck is all we've got. Our country, a tiny bit of that tiny speck is all our people have got and that is why we have to defend it against the traitors in government who would destroy us.
The world is insignificant and our country is small but IT'S OURS and we're going to keep it.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

Yes it is sort of true the only people really free to say what they like are the stinking rich and the totally broke.

Unfortunately the rich have the ability to make people listen (however much dribble they talk), while we broke fellows are shouting at the wind, so to speak.

I'm convinced that local blogs, addressing local issues, will together do more to bring about change than all the blogs dealing with national issues.

Chris Hill