Tuesday, 10 June 2008


In today's Times is a report of a woman who is fearful of this year's RWB festival. It is said that residents fear clashes as the police try to prevent "anti fascists" preventing the festival. These yobs belong to a group which believes it right to forcibly stop a peaceful festival on private ground because they disagree with our views. Now I might be wrong but I always thought that violence to those with whom you disagree is Fascism.
The local village has a large BNP following and has councillors so I can't see that the village is trying to avoid our presence, indeed the field is owned by a BNP councillor.
A nearby woman weeps (aww) that people had St George's flags and she heard laughing (how awful, happiness not allowed) and that most of the attendees had rottweilers and were playing Nazi songs. She obviously must know more about these songs than I do as I never heard any last year and would not recognise them if I did hear them. Also the field was not populated with fierce dogs. I do not particularly like dogs and I was not intimidated. As for noise we were prevented from camping near to the stupid cow's premises in case we disturbed her "beauty" sleep.
There are few houses near the field and thus few residents to be disturbed.
In the area I believe is held a motorcycle rally which does not seem to bother these sensitive residents in spite of the greater numbers and the fast bikes on the roads.
The occasion is so safe I hope to take my young grandchildren this year. I can allow them to play and wander round in the certain knowledge that they will be safe, unlike in most areas of our enriched country.
This year with a larger field we will be able to keep even further away from the miserable sods.
The event was monitored by the police last year who reported no trouble. They do say that entry must be restricted to BNP members and their friends. So, that is what the rules for entry are in any case to keep out the fascist trash who want to disrupt the festival. Yes people can join the Party on payment of the subscription as they can any other party.
Compare this with the Notting Hill Carnival in London so beloved by the loony Left which is plagued by theft, drugs,assaults and sometimes even death.
The real truth is towards the end of the article when it states that anti BNP supporters were persuaded to stay away last year but they might turn up this time and cause trouble. So that's it. It's not that we cause trouble, but that we must be prevented from having our peaceful get together in case some "anti fascists" disrupt it.
It just shows who the fascists are and that when there is trouble it is not caused by the BNP.
The article also shows blatant bias and distortion of the facts but that is to be expected from a paper owned by a foreigner who does not have this country's interest at heart and is using the great unwashed rabble to promote his anti British agenda.

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MerlinsTempest said...

Mmmmmh... very interesting this! my young family and I attended our first RWB last year. What a fantastic family weekend it turned out to be! We arrived in Codnor on the Friday afternoon and were taken-a-back with the beauty of the place and how friendly and helpful the locals were. At the RWB itself we enjoyed a wide variety of things such as going on Dodgem Cars, a Big Wheel, and even a trampoline. We were thoroughly entertained by various acts on the big stage, a Scots Piper and a firework display. We even sampled various foods from around Britain, including; Heinz Soup from the Wigan tent (oh, shit... should I have said that - Heinz... isn't that a German name and therefore Nazi?, Haggis, Naps and Tatties from the Scotland tent, Lincolnshire Sausage butties, from their tent - didn't our Lancaster Bombers used to fly from that neck of the woods in our country's defence during WW2 (God forgive us for enjoying food from that region, then!) I guess that my family and I were 'corrupted' by these 'fascist delights' because we can't wait to go and enjoy these traditional British things again this year!