Friday, 13 June 2008


People all over the country are dismayed at the number of post offices closing. It seems the Post Office itself is encouraging them to close by the rules they impose.
Most people do not realise that stamps can be bought cheaper at supermarkets such as Costco than the postmasters can buy them. Indeed the postmasters are forbidden to buy their supplies from supermarkets and this puts them at a competitive disadvantage with the large stores.
If post offices keep closing , soon the only place to buy stamps and other postal services will be in supermarkets thus destroying village life and creating more traffic and inconvenience for people.
The post offices could be saved by the simple expedient of making postal services only available from them and banning these services from supermarkets.
Could it be that big donations from big business to the major parties is influencing this policy or is it the EU?
Either way it is becoming another nail in the coffin of village life and customer convenience and another instance of government ignoring the will of the people.

Supermarkets are also responsible for the sale of cheap alcohol, often as a loss leader which is the cause of much of the teenage drinking. Meanwhile pubs are closing, unable to compete with this cheap supermarket booze, especially with the high business rates they have to pay. The smoking ban was put in place to further disadvantage the position of the pub at the centre of village life.It would have been simple to have smoking and non smoking pubs so people could choose where they went.(the health argument does not wash as shown by the lax policies on drugs)
A way to counter this would be to increase massively the business rates of supermarkets selling alcohol while exempting pubs from these rates. This of course will never happen as the profits and influence of the big companies are too influential to the government.
So communities are dying and will continue to do so, with the attendant social problems, all in the interests of greed and I think the deliberate government policy of destroying the British way of life and replacing it with their version of what life in this country should be,--an amorphous,obedient, disjointed spied upon multicultural hell.
The sooner we get a government which puts the interests and desires of the BRITISH people the better.

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