Saturday, 3 May 2008


The results of the local elections were perhaps a little disappointing but generally we held our own with a slight increase. There were also local issues and complications which always have an effect and which are difficult to quantify.
It is often difficult for a party such as ours whose policies are based on wider national issues to break into the local political scene which is mainly based on problems such as refuse collection and schools where the difference between our policies and those of the other parties is often small. Many of our policies reflect the danger to the country of increased immigration, the EU and illegal wars which are far more important to the future but often do not translate to a local level.
This explains the success of parties such as Independants and CAP who although fairly strong at local level are irrelevant nationally.Unfortunately people are often swayed by the minor issues while missing the big picture, especially in an area as yet relatively "unenriched". The trouble is that when "enrichment" happens and voters can see the writing on the wall we have more voter opposition.
However in standing when realistically we knew we had no real prospect of success we have shown our presence and that we will be there for people to vote for in a general election and give people who want to show their patriotism in the ballot box to be enfranchised. Also we do have an effect on the results far in excess of our vote. Steve Mc Ellenborough, although he polled only178 votes helped defeat the odious, uncouth and boorish Peter Franzen which must be a good thing for democracy and standards in local government.
We must redouble our efforts and continue our steady progress and eventually we will take our country back.
Congratulations to Richard Barnbrook on his success in London. This refects the increasing influence of the Party and that we can triumph inspite of the lies and venom directed against us by the other parties and the often foreign controlled media. They will find it more difficult to deny us a fair hearing in future.
My thanks to all who helped us and who voted for us.
Remember the longest journey starts with one step. We will eventually reach our goal and take our country back.

The results were as follows--

Lab 1387
CAP 406
Con 350

Lab 1089
Con 471
Lib Dem 462
Ind 104

CAP 1766
Lab 1111
Con 248

Ind 1606
Lab 765
CAP 394
Con 204

Con 1608
Lab 969
Ind 321

Con 1000
CAP 476

Lab 1186
CAP 1110
Con 282
IND 129


Sir Henry Morgan said...

And Gary Chadwick has done a quick analysis of the percentages and compared them to last year's results in those wards where we had candidates both last year and this (that excludes Golborne):

Leigh South (2008 = 14.16%) up 5%,
Ashton (2008 = 7.5%) up 1.3%,
Orrell (2008 = 15.9%) up 1.52%,
Pemberton (2008 = 13.48%) down 0.06%,
Bryn (2008 = 8.7%) down 0.94% and
Wigan West (2008 = 12.3%) down 1.5%

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Our overall average vote increase compared to last year,on a ward for ward basis, is 0.9%.

The Wigan News appears to have called it right when it said that we seem to have got our core vote, but that's all.

If that is the case, then that core vote is a touch over 16%, or one vote in six.

I think it might take external events to up our vote on that. For example, if we get an influx of immigrants (and the government has forecast an extra 5 million overall in the next ten years - we would get a chunk of those)here; or if the economic crash predicted by many pundits actually does happen.

Ignore the press and politicians telling you that most immigration is from Eastern Europe: the vast majority - approx 64% - of immigration is from non-European countries. That is from Migration Watch, a much respected body (Google it).

Anti-gag said...

Reading your latest blog posting, I would like to point out the following facts:

Nationally we still have only 55 elected district councillors, while the rest of those claimed by the Griffin/Collett gang, to justify their inept leadership, are parish councillors who are more often than not unelected. Now I'm not running down either the position of parish councillor, or the people who take up those positions, but they are traditionally regarded as being non political posts held by independent local people wishing simply to serve their community with no particular political axe to grind.

As for the GLA elections: the turn out was 45% and our share of the vote was 5.3%, which corresponds to us being able to convince less than 1 registered voter in 41 to come out and vote for us, not exactly an earthquake shock to the system! At this rate we won't get an MP elected until the end of the century. Unfortunately we don't have 90 years, we don't really have 25, we must start making a major political impact within the next 3 or 4 years or we're lost, it's that simple.

Analyse Thursday's results (compared to 2007) and you'll see our average vote down almost everywhere, Wigan BNP did well to buck that trend. The election of Richard Barnbrook is indeed most welcome news, but the party's progress in London was minimal, up only 0.4% from our 2004 result (2004= 4.9% : 2008= 5.3%). Griffin promised big advances when he took over almost 9 years ago now, he simply hasn't delivered the goods. It's now clearly obvious that: the Griffin/Collett gang are not capable of developing or managing a top rank political party, the party's grassroots membership deserve better. Next month they will get a chance to choose that better option, a democratic party constitution and a honest capable leadership to take the party forward into national government within the next 20 years.

Simply treading water we may well be at the moment, but this does at least mean we're still in the fight when leadership change comes. Please pass on VoC's congratulations, for having the courage to stand up and be counted, to all Wigan BNP's candidates.

Chris Hill
(Chairman: Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change)

Anti-gag said...

Breaking news:

Cllr Colin Auty stands up to be counted. Democratic leadership challenge is now well and truly under way.

For more details visit:

Chris Hill
(Chairman: Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change)

Anti-gag said...

Many of our local members, whom I've spoke to over the last 36hrs, have asked me if I think Cllr Auty can win this leadership elections. My answer is that he has an excellent chance, even when you consider the fact that Griffin decides the rules. The BNP is simply not making any headway, despite the Griffin/Collett gang's claim to the contrary. Claims that we are the fastest growing political party in the UK are simply not supported by the facts, we have fewer members today than we did two years ago. Griffin now claim that we now have over a hundred councillors. What he don't tell you is that only 55 of these are elected district councillors, the rest are made up of parish councillors, who for the most part are appointed, not elected, as independent citizens. Parish councillors are by tradition none political, no other party includes these in their number of elected councillors.

The BNP under Griffin is no longer just stagnating, I'm afraid we're actually falling backwards in many areas. The one exception to this is Richard Barnbrook's election to the GLA last week, but even that success showed only a minuscule 0.4% increase in our vote compared to 2004.

I am neither knocking our parish councillors nor London's victory, I salute them all. But we need to make advances very soon, at this rate it will be 100 years before we get our first MP elected. Quite simply the question members must decide in the upcoming leadership challenge is: 'is the BNP a serious political party or simply the Nick Griffin fan club?'

Chris Hill
(Chairman: Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change)

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...


The more I read your drivel the more I believe your intentions are not for the good of the party as you so spout?