Thursday, 17 April 2008


Another phone call. No, those men have not been laid off. I got that wrong. But the employer has taken on 16 workers on short-term contracts. 14 of them Poles who are brought to work daily, and taken away again, in a minibus. That's agency.

The employer wants his workforce to work a couple of 12-hour shifts a week on his terms. Otherwise the new blokes get the work.

The excuse given for taking them on is "Holiday cover". Hmmm ... yes. Can we see where this is going to go?

The member of the library staff who refused to reveal the presence of a BNP candidate on the election list, is the wife of one the candidates in the upcoming elections. Mr Franzen's wife, so I'm told.

This is the beauty of the internet - you get told a story, so you put it out there, asking for corrections or further details ... and sure as day follows night, in come the phone calls and emails.

The internet is our way to fight back against the information stranglehold the system has always had on us. We've only ever been told what they wanted us to know. Now we have a means of putting our own information together, with an ongoing narrowing down that eventually leads us to the truth of matters. Does anyone wonder why the EU (and our own government is part of that. Indeed, these days you could say our government IS the EU, and Westminster only does as it's told. 80% of all legislation passed by Westminster originates in Brussells. Did you know that?) is talking about bringing in controls on the internet?

Did you used to vote Labour? Do you think the Labour Party is working for the benefit of ordinary people in this country? What, still? After ten years of this government that calls itself Labour? I used to be a Labour Party member and activist once upon a time. And a patriotic one too, who'd enlisted at 15. No more Labour Party for me.

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