Thursday, 17 April 2008

Communication from a member of the public

I received a phone call a few minutes ago from a member of the public living - and voting - in Golborne. He got my phone number from the BNP election leaflet that had been delivered to his house. To all others who think of calling the phone numbers on our election leaflets: you really will get to speak to a real living human being.

He told me he had been to his local branch of the library service, and asked for details of the candidates for election where he lives. The BNP candidate was omitted from what he was told. When he asked about the BNP, he was stonewalled.

Just thought people ought to know what the BNP is up against.

That same member of the public - who is not a BNP party member - also told me a little tale about a company in Golborne called Golborne Unit Pallets, Bank Street, Golborne. A juicy little tale it is too.

It seems that about a fortnight ago this company laid off 16 Englishmen who had been earning something like £9.00 per hour. This week, 16 new workers were taken on: Polish people being paid minimum wage. Investigations are ongoing into this behaviour which, on the face of it, seems to be entirely illegal. Any details about the agency linking the Poles with the company would be welcome; and especially welcome would be details of the negotiations held between that agency and the company. Who initiated this horrible little deal? Is there an agency out there actively promoting what has been done with this company - the dismissal of English workers and their replacement by cheap labour from abroad?

If anyone has any details to give me to flesh out this sorry tale, email me through the 'Contributors' button at the top of this page - just click on Sir Henry Morgan. This will bring up a window where a 'contact' button can be found. Alternatively, if you have my phone number from an election leaflet, just give me a call. If you are one of the men laid off, I can give you details of a union that WILL initiate legal action on your behalf (it would, of course, expect you to join). Phone me, email me.

Strange that I never read about this sorry tale about Golborne Unit Pallets in the Wigan Observer. Well, not so strange really.

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