Saturday, 22 March 2008

Thursday's Meeting

We had a well attended and enjoyable meeting last Thursday and the increased interest and support we are getting, especially from younger people.
There was no formal speaker, instead we debated our progress and plans for the future and discussed where we were proposing to stand in the forthcoming local elections, and other topics concerning local people.
One point was made about the oppression of the Tibetian people by the Chinese who took over their country and are flooding it with immigrants to consolidate their hold on the country.
Comparisons were made to what is happening in this country where we are accomodating increasing numbers of foreign immigrants who are becoming increasively assertive aided by "race" laws which prevent us complaining. Soon we will be in a minority in our own country and we have nowhere to go. In effect we are experiencing a genocide by stealth aided and abetted by those in power who for various reasons will benefit from this invasion. The only people who appear to be resisting this are the BNP who fight on on spite of the obsticles placed in their path, from unjust villification to media blackout.
However whatever they throw at us we will remain a thorn in the side of those traitors who seek to destroy our country and way of life.
The major political parties refuse to debate with us or share platforms with us even though previously they have engaged with Sinn Fein and various Muslim organisations intent on persuing their agenda with violence.
We are not against any people or races, all we want is this small island for ourselves, just as the Tibetanese want their land for themselves.That is why we have sympathy for other oppressed people such as those of Tibet. They, like us are Nationalists.
Why will the authorities not engage with us? I feel it is because they feel threatened by the logic of our arguments and know they would lose a debate.
The crux of the matter is that we love our country and its people and they hold it and them in contempt. That is why, when people realise the truth we will prevail.
The media (BBC and newspapers) no longer control all information. More and more the internet will become the source of information but this time it will be the truth.


Anti-gag said...

It was a very good meeting, and I am always impressed with the turnout for the Wigan group. The point made in this article about younger people attending meetings was not lost on me either; members and supporters seem to come from all ages, and as a lad from up North the Southerners of Wigan always seem a very friendly lot. So until I see you all again next month keep well.

Chris Hill
(Chairman Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change)

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

I do think a section containing contact details for the group should be prominent on the site: ie. a Wigan BNP email address, po Box and local telephone number.

Good work all the same.