Sunday, 23 March 2008



We had a heated debate on the proposed Chinese investment at Westwood,but it was agreed that we did not know enough about who would be employed there and whether it would mean a large PERMANENT influx of Chinese people to our overcrowded town.
If the Chinese firms are intent on investing in Britain it would be better for manufacturing jobs to be created in Wigan rather than in another part of Britain, provided the workers are Wiganers and are not sourced from abroad at minimum rates of pay. Concern was also expressed over the human rights atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese in Tibet. As nationalists of course we sympathise with their plight, being overwhelmed by incomers and their way of life and culture destroyed, in the same way that our culture is under threat by mass immigration. However with appopriate safeguards and so long as any Chinese were not given citizenship it could be a good thing for the area. But we need to know more detail .
WE ARE AGAINST A BUDDIST PAGODA being built. This would have a detrimental affect on the town, making it a Buddist centre and thus diluting our Christian culture.
A council which destroys our Roman heritage (which could have been a real tourist attraction) and suggests a Buddist pagoda must have taken leave of its senses and certainly does not reflect the opinions and desires of Wiganers.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

A Buddist Pagoda, well I guess that's better than a mosque. At least MI5 won't have to watch it day and night to stop it being used to train terrorists.

Chris Hill
(Chairman: Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change)

To be fair, and to stop myself being arrested by the police for making an anti islamic comment, I should point out that most muslims are not engaged in violence against anyone.

The Green Arrow said...

Good Luck Wigan. I have taken the liberty of linking you on the Green Arrow Blog.