Saturday, 15 March 2008


I write under the name of "Lanky Patriot"
I am a Wiganer and support Wigan and its people before anything else. I believe Wigan and Wiganers have contributed much to the prosperity of this country in the past 200 years and we are now being sidelined by politically correct career politicians who put their own interests before those of our town and its people.
Until local government reorganisation I was a local Labour councillor but I no longer feel the Labour Party represents the interests of the British people.
I joined the BNP in spite of the venom directed against it by the media because, knowing people who were members I knew the picture painted of them was not true. Even so I attended my first meeting with trepidation as a result of the bad press. I found, far from being extremist thugs the members were ordinary hard working people, worried at the way the country was going and dismayed at the rapid changes which were taking place without us having been consulted as to whether we wanted this change.
I believe in our town and its people and do not want us to lose our sense of solidarity and community and will continue to work to reverse the decline of Wigan and to preserve the heritage bequeathed to us by the hard work of our forebears.


Anti-gag said...

It's good to see Wigan BNP on the web at last. Now let's start winning back our country.

Chris Hill
(Chairman Preston & Lancaster Voice of Change.)

Anti-gag said...

Well done Wigan BNP.