Sunday, 9 March 2008

An introductory test post

I think it’s about time the people of Wigan were introduced to Pat Condell.

Pat Condell has made clear on one of his earlier videos that he does not like the BNP even one little bit. I think that is perfectly fair enough – I don’t like the Labour Party even one little bit.

I’m not a native Wiganer. I’m a Welshman who came to live here nearly four years ago. I like it here so I’m staying. If you want to argue about that you’re wasting your time. You have to question my luck though: I live within easy walking distance of the stadium; close enough, indeed, that I can hear when a goal is scored. At that stadium I could watch world-class football and/or Rugby League. With my being a Welshman, would you like to guess my game? That’s right: Rugby Union. Ah well, can’t win them all (though Wales seems to be doing just that, recently).

I used to like the Labour Party a lot. Enough, indeed, that for many years I was a member; and not just a member: I used to run around delivering leaflets, carrying out polling station duties etc. That, of course, was back in the days when the Labour Party was the Labour Party. Lord alone knows what it is these days because I certainly don’t. All I know is what it’s not: it’s not the Labour Party I used to know and love in the days when it represented ordinary British people, kept to its manifesto pledges and didn’t go around the world launching illegal wars on people who hadn’t actually done anything to us, and killing them by the million. Why do the people of Wigan keep voting for an impersonation of the real Labour Party that they have historically voted for? I will return to these and other topics on later posts.

No, I’m not against our young men and women in uniform. After all, I was one once. I enlisted at the age of 15, back in the days when such a thing was possible. You don’t get to be a much younger man or woman in uniform than that. I left school on a Monday. Tuesday night I was sleeping in barracks. However, their political masters, who they are obliged to obey …

Those who know me know I’m not angelic, and those who get to know me better know I can be a bit of a character. However, those things are acceptable; after all, I do not seek higher office in the BNP, and nor do I seek elected office anywhere at all. I will never hold any sort of power over anyone and I don’t want to, though I do hope to exercise a little influence one day. And anyone who has contact with me knows that I am invariably polite, and rather shy and retiring. Unless threatened.

That is just a short introduction. Any questions, please do email me. This can be done via my ‘Contributor’ button. Same for BNP membership enquiries.

And here is the introduction to Pat Condell; he may not like us, but we like him.


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