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Labour Party paedophile Ian Rankin Aged 47 has been caught with a hoard of child rape movies.

Labour Party super activist and Council Candidate Ian Rankin was jailed for having in his possession video material containing some of the vilest kinds of child sexual abuse.

 Police say it was some of the worst paedophile material they had ever come across. Some of the children were raped while tied to posts and ceiling beams. Most videos were of young children tied up and sodomised. Police raided Rankin’s home on the same day that he was standing for election in Labour held Lambert Ward.

The shock from Falkirk Sheriff Court jury was palpable as the details of the videos were revealed. 

The prosecution explained that in one of the 45 videos, a six year old child was tied up, beaten and raped. 

After hearing the evidence some of the jury were reduced to tears. Consequently Ian Rankin from Kilsyth Road, Haggs, Stirlingshire was jailed immediately by Sheriff Andrew Murphy for three Months and put on the sex offenders register for a total of Seven Years.

Homosexual Labour Party Spin Doctor Samuel Gamlin likes them young.


 Homosexual spin doctor and advisor to the Labour Party Samuel Gamlin has been arrested and charged with making and distributing obscene films of children being violently raped and abused by adults

Samuel Gamlin, is said to have created sickening movies that involved the beating and tying up of children before they were subjected to horrific sexual acts. 

After the police had removed and searched Gamlin’s computer hard drive they discovered that he had been in close contact with several other known and suspected pedophiles. Gamlin pleaded guilty to the offences last month


The transvestites plaything


A Labour party councillor and her transvestite lover who subjected a minor to a three week rape ordeal has been jailed.

 Susan Smith, 33, a former Labour Party councillor for St Martins ward in the London borough of Lambeth, was sentenced to a total of 18 months. Her transvestite boyfriend Ronald Lineker, 53, was also jailed for three

At Southwark Crown Court Judge Gerald Butler QC told Smith, who was convicted of five offenses of indecently assaulting the girl, that he had no doubt she had been responsible for instigating the whole terrifying ordeal.

The court heard that Smith, who once served on Lambeth’s social services committee, missed council meetings to repeatedly molest the girl.


A Taste for Animals and Children!

Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor John Johnson caught with hundreds of child rape images on his computer.

Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor John Johnson has been hauled in to face charges of downloading the most sickening images on the internet involving the rape and violent abuse of small children. 

Johnson was charged with downloading hundreds of images of child molestation. 

Some of the images depicted sadomasochistic rituals with children being tortured and raped by multiple adults. 

The prosecutor Mr Giles Beaumont said: “This charge relates to an extreme level of child pornography. Some images involve animals”.

Magistrate Michael Flanagan declined jurisdiction and called for the case to be heard before a crown court.’ Trial date is November 6th 2012 at Peterborough Crown Court.


 Another Labour Party Paedophile Primary School Governor


  Labour Party Paedophile Councillors delibrately getting jobs in schools to be near children


Three times Labour Councill Candidate Richard Harris was arrested at his home in Union Street, Exeter and his computer removed for child protection officers to examine. 

He stood as the Labour Party’s man in Three wards, St Leonard’s, Heavitree and St Thomas which are renowned areas for Primary Schools in the wards around Exeter.

Labour’s Richard Harris was arrested with a list of 500 children’s names in his possession. According to neighbours, “officer’s handcuffed the Labour Party activist at his home in Union Street and bundled him into a vehicle that sped off at high speed”.

Harris was charged for offering the Juniors money to have sex with him. He said to police officers when interviewed ‘I felt mostly turned on by children.

Other Labour Party affiliates that have had jobs in Schools and have been found guilty of Paedophilia are as follows..
Keith Potts, Nelson Bland, Greg Vincent, Alec Dyer Atkins, Paul Diggert, John Friary, Steve Carnell, Adrian Cirket, Richard Harris, Darren Geoffrey Pedley (on trial in October) and Ben Williams.


 Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood found guilty of Grooming School kids for sex.

 The parents of the children swore at the Labour Councillor as he was found guilty of trying to molest their children as he was ushered quickly by security staff at Leicester Crown Court. 

The paedophile Labour Councillor for Leicester Manish Sood who stood in the dock brings the Labour Party paedophiles to total a staggering 36 with Four others arrested and slipping through the court system. 
But there was no slipping away from the judge at this court.. and the verdict was guilty.

The Labour25 listed paedophile Manish Sood, spotted an advertisement by a school girl for a job in Gumtree, an online service with a part time work column. 
Paedophile Manish Sood then decided to phone her and asked her for sex at a fixed price. 
The child got frightened and was so scared, she told no-one but her friend in her school. 
She told her friend what the paedophile Labour councillor was asking her to do for him. 
He sent scores of filthy text messages and phone calls of an explicit nature.
The victims friend got angry, so she rang Manish Sood and told him to leave her friend alone. Manish Sood then asked her who she was and when he realised that she was a child too, he asked to meet her for a ‘massage.’ ‘’I will pick you up from school.’’ he commented. ‘’Can you bring condoms for me.’’ He added, then he asked the child to wear toe rings. The filth poured out and the Two children couldn’t stop the Labour paedophile. 

Around 200 phone calls and text messages by Manish Sood were received by the children offering sex for money. He offered them £200 each, but the kids refused.
Then they realised he wouldn’t go away, so they contacted their teacher, who listened in on the conversation by the Labour paedophile.
 The Judge gave him a Three year supervision order and banned from being near children unsupervised. Manish Sood admitted in court his fixation for little girls. His mother, also involved with the Labour Council in Leicester as aid to the Mayor, stood by him throughout the trial, saying he was a ‘good man.’

 If it wasn’t for the protection of paedophiles by the Leicester Labour Council.. the newly prosecuted Labour25 paedophile Manish Sood would be in prison for grooming children.
The parents shouted ‘’Labour Paedophiles at it again.’’ And ‘’Get with the Labour25 paedophiles.’’ At the closing of the case when a member of Parents Against Paedophiles gave out 120 leaflets to passers by who vented their anger.



The DEATH PENALTY should be brought back for PAEDOPHILES and their ENABELERS  and SUPPORTERS such as HARRIET HARMAN.

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