Sunday, 30 December 2012


City Leaders Warn Of 'Civil Unrest' Amid Cuts

City leaders have warned that spending cuts could lead to social unrest and the "break-up of civil society".

The council leaders of three of England's biggest cities - Newcastle, Liverpool and Sheffield - say the north of England has been unfairly targeted.

But there are also signs of a backlash from rural authorities, mostly Conservative-led, who claim the shires are losing out disproportionately under the Government's cuts.

The criticism presents a headache for David Cameron, who announced in the Autumn Statement that councils must find a further 2% of savings in 2014/15.

That comes on top of the 27% cuts announced in 2010.

The Labour leaders of Newcastle, Liverpool and Sheffield - where Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is an MP - wrote to The Observer accusing Whitehall of "Dickensian" views.
"Rising crime, increasing community tension and more problems on our streets will contribute to the break-up of civil society if we do not turn back," they write.

"The one nation Tory brand of conservatism recognised the duty of government to help the country's most deprived in the belief that economic and social responsibility benefited us all.
"The unfairness of the Government's cuts is in danger of creating a deeply divided nation.
"We urge them to stop what they are doing now and listen to our warnings before the forces of social unrest start to smoulder."
Separately, The Sunday Telegraph reported that more than 120 rural councils were weighing up a judicial review of the spending settlement for local authorities because it was "grossly unfair" and would hit services in remote areas.



A New Year approaches with warnings of Civil Unrest due to the cuts in their budgets. 
If the Lib/Lab/CONned hadn't flooded our country with millions of immigrants their would never be a warning about Civil Unrest due to the cuts.
Why ?
Because we wouldn't be giving our wealth and country away to every one who steps foot on our land.
We could use some the £Billions saved by removing ALL BENEFITS FOR ALL IMMIGRANTS until our own are not found wanting.
If your going to have Civil Unrest on Englands Streets then look at who has bought all this down on us......the Lib/Lab/CONned will have NO SOLUTION, if they were good enough they wouldn't have allowed this country to become part of the THIRD WORLD.

Look towards those who offer the ANSWERS to the destruction of our land and people.    Before it turns into CIVIL WAR

We now produce only 40% of the food needed to feed everyone.
Fields have been given over to "SET A SIDE" schemes, now growing Trees and Shrubs instead of Crops and Grazing Fields.
Then add the Immigration problem on top of that.
We are now told about the HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of Imported DISEASE RIDDEN ASH TREES -

Strange how many Acres of Land have just become freed up for building houses on after the removal of the "DISEASED TREES"

"chalara fraxinea – is now threatening to wipe out 80 million trees in Britain"

Coincidence ?











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