Thursday, 15 November 2012


Just a few thoughts on the attacks on Palestine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia by so called Muslim Extremists who are now fighting for another Islamic Countries  freedom from tyrrany ? Israel is attacking the Palestinians shouldn't the Jihadist "Freedom Fighters" now be abandoning Regime changes for $$$ to go and help their Islamic Palestinian"Brothers and Sisters" who are on the verge of Total Annihilation after Israels Pogroms against the Palestinians and the theft of 90% of Palestinian lands.

I don't get it, why would an Islamic "Freedom Army" go attacking countries who are already Islamic and undergoing no persecution of Muslims and still living basically by Islamic Laws and Traditions and in their own lands ?

I really don't get why Jihadists haven't done a thing to help the Palestinians or attack Israel, as Israel is surrounded by Islamic States and committing WAR CRIMES AGAINST AN INDIGENOUS MUSLIM PEOPLE ?

Maybe Britain, America , Germany, France etc are leaving Palestine and the Palestinians to their fate, in the hands of those capable of GENOCIDE or they can't\won't use the Western Backed Jihadists now attacking Syria after DESTROYING LIBYA to fight against Israel ?

It looks like the Fate of the Palestinians and the Biblically Historic Country of Palestine will soon disappear.

Genocide. I wonder what Britains "Friends of Israel" think of it?

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Andyj said...

Its an odd world..

Here is an interesting fact.

And WRH Quotes..
"Israel is claiming that Iran has supplied Fajr-5 rockets to whoever inside Gaza is launching them at Israel.


Israel's blockade of Gaza is so tight that crayons and musical instruments for Gaza's children cannot get through. The Fajr-5 is 6 1/2 meters long, and weighs 915 Kilograms. It requires a launcher, which is 10 1/2 meters long.

Think something that big and heavy gets smuggled in through a tunnel?

And common sense applies here. Why would Iran do such a stupid thing? All it would take is just one of these rockets to be discovered and captured by the Israelis to provide Israel and the US an excuse for an attack. Yet Israel claims that the Gazans had a multitude of these rockets.

This is an Israeli hoax to drag Iran into conflict and start the long desired war to "dollarize" Iran's oil field.

Please post this common sense reply everywhere you see this story trying to demonize Iran."