Friday, 8 June 2012


I am sick of racism. I am also sick of the football contest in Poland and the Ukraine.

The peoples of these countries are accused of racism because some football fans threw bananas at black people and chanted monkey noises.
What horrible people they must be.
I have been to both countries and found them very friendly. I visited Odessa and was regailed with wine, and in Cracow and Warsaw found the people to be excetionally friendly.
In the square in Cracow we sat and listened to a rock band while having a drink.

BUT they do not seem to like black men in their country. Well neither do I in my country.

Both our countries have had vastly different histories and the Poles and Ukranians have suffered invasions and slaughter, much of it at the hands of the Soviets but also the Nazis.
One can therefore understand their antipathy to foreigners, but having been fortunate not to hacve been invaded by Africans do not want that disaster to occur in their countries.

I accept that politeness should rule in international football contests but there will always be rivalries, and when alien races are involved thjose rivalries become more intense.
African "students" in the Ukraine complain of racist abuse.
Aw diddums. They should perhaps return to their own continent, but then how could they learn.

The trouble with the black's touchyness is that it is too near the truth for them to abide.
Asians and Chinese are possibly skitted, as we would possibly be, but not in such a demeaning way because they are clever and have a glorious past.
Africans have no history of note, but then they could not write.
There are Asian and Chinese Nobel prize winners but as far as I know no Africans. African people have contributed NOTHING to human knowledge (apart from possibly a spear)

All this does not excuse impoliteness, they can not help their history or deficiencies, but the people of Poland and Ukraine obviously do not want their culture to be diluted with such people and this "racism" will possibly discourage more Africans emigrating to these countries.

If only we had taken this attitude in the past we could have avoided the gang wars and thuggery which was shown yesterday in the papers when several blacks were jailed for their parts in last August's riots in which they shot at the police, (they should have been jailed for being ugly).

It seems insulting blacks is second only to antisemitism in the racist stakes. One race is too thick and can't work, and one too clever and thus rules.
Irrational behaviour we are told, but when one looks deeper there is a rationale behind it.

They want their countries for themselves and to control them themselves as do we.

But we have been sold down the river by our leaders and are now in a country ripe for a civil war Balkan style and can as yet do nothing until the dam bursts which it surely will.

Our country is a tinderbox and the government realises this. That is why they have cut the regular army and are encouraging "ethnics" to enlist. They are doing the same with the police although antagonising the local bobbies could be a bad idea.

Look at Syria, a country divided by various muslim sects but now in a civil war promoted by the West.

THAT IS OUR FUTURE and why they are trying to emasculate and diversify our forces and police because as yet they would be on the side of the people, but in future blessed with diversity do you think they will be on our side, the British people?


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