Thursday, 3 May 2012


Third of May, local election day.

In years past I would have been busy pushing for a BNP vote, and our opponents trying to get their voters out, but today it seems all quiet.
It hardly seems there is an election on at all.

Admittedly we have some able candidates in Wigan and Leigh, endeavouring to keep the BNP flame alight and Gary Chadwick standing as Independent in Leigh ensuring a nationalist presence there.

In spite of my falling out with the Party hierarchy I wish them all well.
The policies are still right and the best for our country.
However I feel that the collapse in local party morale will mitigate against a good result for us.
Labour will do well, it always does round here but it will do better percentage wise this year owing to the incompetence of the present coalition government.

I believe this election will be characterised by apathy with a low turn out.
Many see the main parties as unworthy of their votes, incompetent traitors who care little about the concerns of the man in the street and will stop at home.

These times should be where patriotism and nationalism make their breakthrough, but with the collapse of the BNP and general disillusionment with the leadership we will fail miserably.
I hope I am wrong but the BNP is a shadow of its former self and the leadership a joke.

A poor result for the BNP would not mean that the support is not there, it is that the present leadership is held in contempt.
WE NEED A NEW LEADER who is respected.

We need a Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen to enthuse our people. A leader with no skeletons in his cupboard, a speaker and a motivator who can rebuild the support we once had and harvest votes.

The block on our progress is Griffin who has made himself immovable in spite of falling support.
That support has collapsed is shown by the photographs on the official website where in spite of photographing to the best advantage there seem few attendees.

Tomorrow when the results are in and the decline is shown to have accelerated people will realise that past disagreements should be put aside and we can unite as a Nationalist brotherhood.

I may be wrong in all this and the propaganda put out by the Party proved to be true and it will make a comeback and gain some seats or at least an increased vote.

I hope so but I doubt it.

And then I think what might have been if we had been better run.

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