Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Jonathan Gammon, a tribunal judge who worked in mental health, died alongside his pet dog Gabby after his Toyota Yaris was overcome by water, flipped over and sank at Headley, near Newbury, Hants.

He is survived by his 55-year-old wife Priscilla, who had been driving the car. She managed to open the door and swim to safety as it was swept 200 yards downstream by the fast-flowing current.

It is believed they could have been following directions from the satellite navigation system, which took them into the dangerous ford.

His wife, who was described as in "deep shock" but otherwise uninjured following the incident, was last night being comforted at the couple's terraced house in Teddington, west London.

It is understood Mrs Gammon, a nurse, had been driving her husband to a tribunal because of the bad weather when the accident happened.


These people, Judges, are supposed to be superior in intellect to the rest of us mere mortals, which is why they are allowed to sit in JUDGEMENT of us.

In the past they hard the power over LIFE or DEATH.

But does this not show how poor their JUDGEMENT really is.

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