Friday, 20 April 2012

Terrorists threaten to attack UK if Qatada is deported

Al-Shabaab, the Somali based group linked to the terror network, said there would be “disaster” for the British public if Qatada is sent back to Jordan.

Last week al Qaeda itself warned it would “open the gates of evil” if the Government continues with the deportation.

The warning came as it emerged Theresa May could learn next month whether the Home Office blundered over the appeal deadline for Qatada.

A panel of European judges is expected to sit in May to decide whether the cleric’s application was in time – and whether he has a case for an appeal, sources said.

Liberal Democrats said the deadline fiasco, which has allowed Qatada to further delay his deportation, had been an “Olympic-standard screw up”

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What other reason do we need to ban ISLAM in the UK and kick out every single immigrant who has arrived here from 1997 to present ?

We owe them NOTHING, all they are are parasitic scum of the worst kind.


Durotrigan said...

"Somali based"? I take it that they are therefore probably resident in Sheffield or Bristol.


This is all very smelly,when joined to the other case,of the wog banned by treeesa,who flew to heathrow regardless,was in custody for three weeks,emerging with indefinite leave to stay and fast track benefits.why would anyone ban a person ,then give them leave to stay?geert certainly did not recieve treatment like that,his little white feet did not touch the ground,his diparture was so rapid.There can be no impediment to extradite this particular wog,he has been tried in absentia,found guilty and sentenced,what possible need is there to torture him for evidence?or even complain that he might be?

ken haslam said...

what is needed is our army to be brought back from the illegal wars in iraq and afghanistan and do the job they should be doing DEFENDING OUR ONCE GREAT COUNTRY and if the somali scum wants trouble give them more than they can handle

Andyj said...

If it is true ("Terrorists threaten to attack UK if Qatada is deported") then I suggest BRING IT ON!

This will do more to disunite the Muzzie cause than anything. Can't expect much off the state but if the public get mad and angry then heads will really roll.