Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have had a few days to dwell on and attempt to disect the reason for George Galloway's massive win in Bradford.
It could always be seen that he would do well in a muslim constituency with his anti British pro muslim platform.
But the Labour candidate was also a muslim, so why when we have such an out of touch and incompetent government did people not vote Labour?
That Labour is also incompetent is not the answer.

So how did he do it?

First he concentrated on Middle East politics ignoring local and national matters. In this he did us all a favour showing that the people of Bradford are not integrated and care more about "far off lands" than they do about Britain.
He gave the opportunity for thousands of aliens to demonstrate their failure to integrate.

He is a good orator but in addition comes over as BELIEVING what he says, however illogical his views are and he showed the Labour candidate as less honest than he portrayed himself.
This gained him votes from real British people sick and tired of the insincerity and lies of the main parties who used the opportunity to give these parties a kicking.

His policies of course have no relevance to Bradford or Britain but he tapped into a cause dear to his alien voters.

He taught us all a lesson in the use of social media, texting and suchlike to mobilise support. To gain such a large vote from a standing start in three weeks shows the effectiveness of his methods, and I am sure his methods will be copied by other parties.

He also showed that you can win votes without a big party machine and large expense, that Labour with their union funding and the Tories sucking up to big business are not invulnerable, in spite of their wealth.
He has shown small parties how it can be done and has negated the advantage of press endorsement and wealth hitherto enjoyed by the big parties.

He has done us a favour and levelled the playing field.

We must take note of his successful methods.
We must in future campaign by text and the internet, cheap and effective.

We must gather names in our phone books and spread our word electronically where a policy can travel virally to thousands of people, and we must have a FEW main policies which resonate with British people.
This worked in the revolutions in North Africa. It can work here, and above all it is cheap.

The BNP has lost ground by being incestuous, small meetings preaching to the converted while attendees are encouraged to "DONATE" giving the impression that we are a money making racket.

A new era has dawned in politics which we could turn to our advantage.There is a strong patriotic electorate which we with our internal squabbles have driven away but WHICH IS STILL THERE TO BE HARVESTED.

Galloway has shown us how to regroup, AND WIN.


We can do it and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

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Salford City said...

Labour's islamic candidate was obviously shunned by the muslims for being a 'rat' to his own people. Let's face it, in this respect ( no pun intended!) they were right. But then we Brits get ratted on even more so by our elected "representatives" time and time again, but we just carry on electing them!

I beleive that British ethno-nationlist political advances are held back mainly because native Britsh communal identity has been systematically supressed, using a three pronged attack: political, legislative and cultural means to do this. Galloway has for some time recognised that identity politics is a potent tool. He quite cynically uses the muslim bloc vote to suit his own objectives. Galloway has, after all, shied away from seeking election in white working class Labour strongholds for this very reason.

The triumph, or failure, of British ethno-nationalism (and thus the survival of the native British people) rests solely upon the re-discoverery of our own collective sense of identity. This is what we nationalists should be overtly campaigning to bring about by building the moral case for British ethno-nationalism. So far I do not think we have even attempted to do this, but have instead hoped that solely campaigning on populist issues without selling the underpinning ideology to the voters would be enough to get us there. It hasn't done.