Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It is interesting to look at the candidates for the forthcoming local elections in Wigan.
It seems a party new to our area "The Greens" has raised its ugly head.
Yes I know that "Green" sounds nice and cuddly, save the world and all that, but I believe most people in this country are instinctively green.
I certainly am, having been a recycler for 50 years and always been concerned with the environment, so much so that I limited my family to two as my contribution to protecting the planet.
Because I am green by nature I supported the BNP and still believe in their principles and I would certainly put my cross against the BNP candidates name.
This year in the Orrell ward my place as a BNP candidate has been taken by a candidate for the Greens.
In addition there is a Green candidate for Winstanley.
But the corruption of the green label has been taken to extreme by the communist Stephen Hall standing as "Green Socialists for Investment not Cuts".
Well you have to give it to him, he has an original name for his communist agenda and he demeans the Green label even more than those who officially call themselves by that name.
Greens as dubbed by James Delingpole of the Telegraph are watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside, and I think this is a fair description.
I do not know what policies the greens are promoting locally but I bet they keep under wraps their belief that fuel prices should rise and immigration should continue unabated.
They do not advocate limiting family size but they do advocate useless windmills and carbon taxes which will destroy what is left of our manufacturing industries and the jobs associated with this destruction.
Their policies are an even bigger threat even than those of the incompetent banker friendly Tories or the profigigate Labour Party.
I can not understand anyone with an ounce of sense or scientific knowledge voting for them.
And then we have the ludicrously named group, party? represented by Mr Hall.
You would have to laugh if it was not so serious.
Who would invest in his mad cap system? He must realise how stupid his ideas are, but then I believe he has an agenda to destroy our nature and culture, he certainly does not believe in free speech as evidenced by his organising of the thuggish attacks on the BNP in Leigh.
His friend the uncouth Peter Franzen could well get in this time owing to people's disillusionment with the other parties, but then their contempt for his blatant self promotion may induce them to stay at home. I hope so.
I can well understand anyone not wanting to vote for any of the at present main parties. They have betrayed their voters and our country. I believe many will not vote at all but at least we have a few candidates keeping the cause of British Nationalism burning.
If possible these people should be supported as well as those nationalist Independents such as Gary Chadwick in Leigh.
These people, not for selfish gain have put their heads above the parapet and risked abuse from the thugs of the far Left in an attempt to take our country back.
For all the faults of the BNP organisation and its leadership, the policies are the only ones which have a chance of representing our people and saving us from oblivion.
But people should realise that the Greens if they could would reduce our standard of living to that of the Middle Ages and thus a vote for any candidate other than a Green would be better than helping this destructive party into power.


Salford City said...

In my place of work ( an F.E college)there is a Green Party activist who is also a tutor. When his union were striking recently he appeared on the picket line in a rather dapper t-shirt with the beaming Chairman Mao emblazoned across it! ( I am not making this up) It's unfortunate that many voters will get gullibly and naively swept along by images of utopian fluffy windmills and vote for the Party. You can expect that their vote will also be bolstered by disgruntled Lib-Dem and Labour voters. But then very few average Labour voters actually support what Labour stands for - let alone what it does - when challenged to explain themselves and their own views. Labour, more than any other party, are elected by those who are largely ignorant and (cruelly ironic, I know) disapproving of what Labour represents.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

A good and interesting post Lanky....I was going to give this a little mention as well. Communist Mr Hall tries incredibly hard to disguise his utter contempt for this once great nation of ours....He play's on the apathy and naivety of the local people - targeting those who fail to get involved in politics with as you say: "nice and cuddly, save the world and all that," doctrine; whilst his ulterior motive is directly the opposite!

Mr Stephen Hall has tried incredibly hard over the past years with his Trotsky ideology to lull individuals into a false sense of political worth - Community Action Party candidate, Respect candidate, Green Party candidate etc...the one he certainly hasn't tried to date and I'm sure he'd be an ideal candidate...is the Monster Raving Loony Party.