Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I've just watched the attempted hatchet job on Nick Griffin by Keith Allen on Channel 4which I recorded last night.
I heard a preview on Radio 4 a couple of days ago when this famous actor(I've never heard of him) was interviewed by a "luvvie", and much fun was mad of Nick's taste in music.

Most of the programme was made up of beardy Allen's inexpert strumming of his instrument and his efforts to gain an interview.
He seemed more concerned with his contract with C4 and his worries as to whether he would gain an interview. His comments that our party would sideline those with disabilities was manifestly false and below the belt.
He made much of Nick's interest in music, some of which I am told featured black musicians.

So what. I like jazz and liked Little Richard but that does not mean I want my country colonised by blacks.They have their culture and some of it is good but we do not want ours to be buried by it.

Allen started his hatchet job by showing the little worm Peter Tatchell, an Aussie campaigner for the queer agenda complaining about Nick's alleged islamophobia.
I would suggest this little squirt tried his luck in Iran if he likes muslims. He would find they had a quick solution to his problem.

Old fashioned Tory toffs were used to denigrate those who wanted to keep our land for us as was Enoch Powell, a true patriot.

The declining fortunes of the BNP were gloated upon.
Allen tried to throw doubt on the topic of muslim grooming hinting that whites were just as culpable, ironic at the time there is a trial in Liverpool of over 40 muslims on charges of rape and underage sex.

I wonder whether this old news documentary was scheduled to deflect from the scandal of this mainly muslim infestation of our country.

Well Keith, my lad, nationalism is strong and kicking and when we get our house in order, which we will, it will be you and your multiculti unpatriotic scum which will be kicked.
I would be proud to take part.

However the most interesting point about this so called documentary was how out of date it was.

Arthur Kemp, Jim Dowson and Paul Golding were featured, the latter two having left the Party 18 months ago and Arthur last August.

All in all Nick Griffin came out of the programme well and if it was expected to harm nationalism it will have had the opposite effect.

We may have our differences as nationalists but our support is growing.
The people can see increasingly they have been taken for a ride and when we can put our petty differences aside in the common interests of our people under whatever nationalist banner we will be unstoppable.

The nationalist flame is glowing stronger in Europe and only today it is reported that "right wing" Dutch nationalists are demanding Holland leaves the EU.

It is a pity that it will take the coming collapse of the failed EU project and the hardship it will bring to decent people to rid us and our European friends of this internationalist monster that now increasingly enslaves us, our actions, our speech and our thoughts.
But it will, and the people of Europe will someday retake our continent , re instal democracy and rebuild our freedom.

And where will you failed bit part actors and luvvies find yourselves then?

A good picture of our Wigan and Leigh organiser Dennis with his military medals in Oldham.
How many luvvies and media people have fought for their country?

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