Thursday, 9 February 2012


First of all let me state that I have not the slightest interest in football(Soccer that is) but feel forced to comment on the Terry, Capello saga.

When Israel is threatening Iran and a Syrian civil war in progress, and our country's parlous national finances the media are awash with this trivial episode.


Terry is alleged to have said something which mentioned a black player's colour, something he has obviously a complex about even though the colour of his skin as allegedly stated by Terry is true.
Terry could have used far more crude and insulting words with impunity and thus got away with it.
He could have used physical violence and only lost a few games as punishment.

Yes these blacks certainly a hang up about their colour/race, possibly a feeling of inferiority. After all they have a lot to feel inferior about for apart from an ability in sport and rhythm music those of African origin have acheived little.

However that is or should be their problem, but we have become so brainwashed that Terry has been sacked before the trial, which again should not be needed in a country where free speech was once cherished.

But it got worse. Capello was forced to resign because of statements criticising the witch hunt aganst Terry. A foreigner standing up for British justice, that must be a first.

I can understand that in a team it is important for players to work together to achieve success but there are many cases of players on ths same team who have fallen out when on opposing teams working well together even after physical confrontations (well there are in Rugby).

This morning it was said that we should have an English manager for our national side. Black people are evidently English if born here it seems.
So it is alright to discriminate against white Europeans but not touchy blacks.

Now I don't really object to black sportsmen being on our national teams but I DO object to this touchyness about skin pigmentation when they are "insulted"
If they wish to be considered "English" perhaps they should act English and they could more easily blend into our society (if you close your eyes)

"Sticks and stones etc".

But of course that will never happen. Our country has been so brainwashed and infected with this NWO crap that those in authority will prevent it.

This case is exemplified the mindset of those in the BBC who ban the use of the word "extremist" against muslim terrorists who wish to take over our society and have advocated killing of non believers while the words "extreme right" is routinely used against those patriots who wish to preserve our way of life by electoral means.

1984 is already here although not noticed by many people.
Can we rid ourselves of this pernicious doctrine by peaceful means?

I don't know. It will be hard but prevail in the long term we will, hopefully by fair means, but in the end--



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Silly Kuffar said...

I wonder if we decide to rise up against our oppressors, cameron et al, will we have air support from the RAF, and Ground Troops supporting us, like in LIBYA ?

If John Terry is found not guilty then he should sue the FA for multi millions.

The FA are now acting, not in the interest of Football but in the interest of an ANTI-WHITE AGENDA.

Come the REVOLUTION we can can have our revenge.