Friday, 24 February 2012


The days are getting lighter, warmer and spring is on the way and yet,

Because of the daily dose of bad news and betrayal of our country by those supposedly running it.

Every day Cameron has a new "initiative" often concerning such matters of importance as racism in football.
I don't give a st**f about either of these topics but am concerned that the MOD has given an order for four RN supply ships worth £400 million to South Korea.

Their excuse is of course economy and they have said that British shipyards did not bid for the order. I don't believe that one.
Possibly some of our shipyards need upgrading but how do they manage that when our own navy will not give them orders?
How will we retain what little engineering skills we have and train new apprentices when we give valuable orders to foreign firms?
The government seems to have found £200 million for Somalia. Surely it could find the money for a tax break to the shipbuilding industry, a break which is a fraction of the bonuses just handed out to our loss making governernment owned banks, or the amount Philip Green "saved" from his business in cheap foreign tat by transferring his tax to his wife in Monaco

Such assistance would be a step to secure PRODUCTIVE jobs and have a multiplier effect in the steel and associated small companies.
But no. All effort is expended on assisting the unemployed to gain employment as shop assistants and burger flippers. One of his latest ideas to combat unemployment was tax breaks for those employing servants,very helpful to city types.
Do they not realise that the money they are spending in Korea or giving to Somalia has to be paid for by production here in Britain and nowadays by borrowing?

Or is it all part of a plan to finally put the last nail in the coffin of our country to satisfy their rich friends in the City and othere who profit at our demise?

I believe it is.
Just think if we had a government which supported, not through subsidies but low taxes for engineering, ships etc, coupled with an efficient management we could be as prosperous as Germany where they put industry as top priority.
But they won't. They will just continue to support the banks at our expense as well as every fly blown terrorist country.

They are quite happy to offshore production in the "interests of efficiency"
Our banks liabilities are unknown but are far bigger than admitted.
A suggestion. Sell RBS to Korea and let them take all their experts and liabilities with them.
But then would Korea want to have these "valuable" assets and the "expertise" they would bring?

They wouldn't touch them with a lifeboat pole from one of the ships they are building "for us"

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