Saturday, 7 January 2012


For a Political party such as New Labour, a supposedly Socialist party with the welfare of the people at it's heart can be revealed to be nothing more than a bunch of CORRUPT, SELF SERVING, MONEY SEEKING TRAITORS.

"Official accounts show a company set up by Mr Blair to manage his business affairs paid just £315,000 in tax last year on an income of more than £12 million. In that time, he employed 26 staff and paid them total wages of almost £2.3 million.

The accounts provide the strongest evidence yet of the huge sums generated by Mr Blair through his various activities since quitting Downing Street in June 2007.

He runs a business consultancy - Tony Blair Associates - which has deals with the governments of Kuwait and Kazakhstan among others and is a paid adviser to JP Morgan, an American investment bank, and to Zurich International, a global insurance company based in Switzerland. Mr Blair makes a further £100,000 a time from speeches and lectures while also presiding over a number of charities including a faith foundation.

Mr Blair has previously been criticised for cashing in on contacts made in Downing Street and these accounts will likely add to those concerns.

The documents also reveal that in the two years until March 31 last year, Mr Blair’s management company had a total turnover of more than £20 million and paid tax of about £470,000.


The scale of Mr Blair’s finances are shown in accounts lodged by Windrush Ventures Limited, just one of a myriad of companies and partnerships set up by the former prime minister. Windrush Ventures Ltd’s “principal activity” is the “provision of management services” to Mr Blair’s various other interests."

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Now you know we truly have been BETRAYED.

Isn't it about time BLIAR, BROWN, MANDELBUM(MER), ABBOT and the rest of the TRAITORS started paying, IN BLOOD, for their CRIMES AGAINST THE INDIGENOUS POPULATION ?


Andyj said...

I doubt Blair is the brains behind the company, more the figurehead.

His speeches of £100K have nothing to do with the value of his word. What they are is another form of money laundering -- similar to the huge mark-up prices on art auctions to fund corrupt practices.

His taxes are so low because this money is paid into offshore bank accounts into his named company. Cheap considering it costs about £400 a year to maintain one.

Do his "employee's" really get paid a million a year? That would be fun to find out.
Heard the news about Cameron the cabbage patch kid accusing Millipede (Wallace) as like talking to someone with Tourettes?

You people might of noticed all the sufferers and carers are up in arms with indignation being associated with him..... Talk about being Billy-no-mates! lol

bertie bert said...

they are lawyers and know full well there is no law to say you have to pay income tax, its by consent !
thats how they get away with it!

Andyj said...

All statutes are contracts. They can only be given the "force of law" if someone transgresses them. That implies one is subject to that contract.
i.e. a birth certificate.

On the other hand "might is right". Violence pays. Nobody has yet imprisoned a single copper for killing any one of the 2,400 plus people in their care since over this past decade.

Ta for that Bertie, I'll be watching that space with interest. :)

Andyj said...

While I'm on one:
Seems the (2000) reform of the house of lords was unconstitutional therefore unlawful. In turn it makes every law passed since of no value.

Also as we know, the EU has not balanced its books so further VAT receipts to them is also illegal.