Sunday, 15 January 2012


Inside the intriguing world of Tony Blair Incorporated

It is easy to walk past the anonymous, Georgian townhouse in central London without giving it a second glance. But the five-storey building on Grosvenor Square, close to the American embassy, is home to a multi-million pound industry with tentacles that reach across the globe.

"The Grosvenor Square headquarters of Tony Blair's myriad companies and charities. The former prime minister's extensive foreign travel means he is rarely there

The house acts as headquarters to Blair Inc, the unofficial name which Tony Blair’s activities have earned. It is from here that the former prime minister, among other things, makes his money.

Financial experts claim that his widespread portfolio of companies and properties have thrust him into the upper echelons of Britain’s super-rich. His fortune – hard to judge because of the secrecy that surrounds his various enterprises – could now be in the millions of pounds, possibly enough to push his name for the first time on to Britain’s unofficial rich list. Mr Blair, who with his wife Cherie owns seven properties, is probably among the 2,000 wealthiest people in Britain.

One City accountant, who has examined Mr Blair’s companies’ accounts, said: “His total wealth is difficult to know but I would estimate it is in the range of £30 million to £40 million.”

Mr Blair’s spokesman denies the former prime minister’s wealth is “anything remotely approaching” that amount."

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Now Tony BLIAR being the good little Socialist that he and his wife are must be desperate to hand over most of their cash to good causes, help Britains poor, homeless, sick and injured.

I'm just wondering when these SOCIALISTS are going to something SOCIABLE.

The real story here is that Tony and Cherie BLIAR are TRAITORS who have been made extremely wealthy for their TRAITOROUS BETRAYAL of the INDIGENOUS people of this island we call home.

When the time comes, and it surely must come, BLIAR and his wide-mouthed frog of a wife will be stripped of ALL assests and wealth, given a fair trial and then HANGED BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD.

This go's for every Socialist (Communist/Marxist) lib/lab/con MPs.

We will not forget what they have done and will bide our time and then we, the INDIGENOUS POPULATION, will have our revenge for the BETRAYAL of our people, our ancestors and our childrens and grandchildrens futures.

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