Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Imagine if massive new deposits of high grade iron ore, copper aluminium and tin were found in this country, there would be massive investments in new mines and the price of these metals would fall drastically.

Well there are massive resources of these metals in Britain, scrap which is sent to China as raw materials for their expanding industries. In effect this trade is the result of globalisation and is a reduction of our resource base.
Also exported are precious metals such as cobalt, much used in the electronics industries.

I believe we should ban the export of scrap metal and store it until the demand is there at home.
Many would say it would depress the price of scrap, and make recycling less profitable to local authorities and at first glance it would.
But thought through the savings would be immense.

No more thefts of manhole covers, cables or lead from roofs, nor even war memorials especially if dealers were under local authority control. No more electricity power cuts or train delays.
It is estimated that theft of metals costs the economy a billion per year.

If we could use genuine scrap to produce goods here industries would be rejuvenated and jobs created saving money now paid out in unemployment benefit.

I do not trust the present fiat money system which creates money out of thin air and lends it at high interest. This money does not really exist, but metals do.
They are raw materials for the manufacture of goods, as was shown in WW2 when all metal was recycled for reuse here and played a vital role in the war effort.

If we keep selling these resources and getting lines of biniary figures on a computer we are getting nothing in reality in return.

As a country we should start conserving "things" as opposed to money for when the value of "money" reaches its true worth, nothing, things will still have a value.

As a country we should not do as we did with North Sea Oil and sell it off cheap and now buy it dear.

I said it at the time and have been proved correct.


Everything else will be proved to be worthless.

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