Monday, 16 January 2012


If anybody still doubts the increasingly undemocratic assault on our rights an anouncement today in the papers would surely disabuse them of these doubts.

We have become inured to the stealthy attacks on our free speech, which I as a child was told was the cornerstone of our freedoms. But we have now to be careful what we say in case we offend people who we did not invite here and should not in my opinion be here in case we are accused of "racism". This latter is the most serious crime of all.

In effect stating that you have more affinity with those of your own ethnicity and object to the colonisation of our land has to be said very carefully or you could end up in court

A court you may say would give you justice.
The evidence weighed by 12 true men, your peers would guarantee justice, wouldn't it?

Well up to now it would, but now it is proposed to do away with juries in many cases and have the verdict decided by a a solitary magistrate or "learned"(don't make me laugh) lawyer.


To save money they say.
Well if that were the case perhaps the legal proffession should cut theur fees.

You can be sure that those chosen to adjudicate will be chosen to ensure the correct PC views and thus the correct verdict.

But what about those who do not hold views considered by the government as correct or "acceptible". They would be found guilty and punished.

We have had the jury system for hundreds of years and it has provided a degree of protection for the ordinary man, his freedoms of action and speech. Admittedly not all verdicts passed by juries are correct, but not all judgements made by judges are correct, hence the number of cases when at appeal cases were overturned and the judgement deemed to be faulty (I note judges can not be sued for incompetence as can other proffessionals).

Yes speed up the legal process by all means. Make it cheaper by cutting legal and judges fees, but not at the expense of justice.

I do not trust the state to be impartial in all cases as history has shown this leads to dictatorship.

We can only have confidence in the law and justice system when we are judged by our peers. That is our guarantor and we must hold on to this.

Or do we allow ourselves to be conned into Mandelson's "POST DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY"

It is worth spenting £30 million to avoid this.


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Andyj said...

Remember every statute (bill) passed since they removed hereditary peers is not lawful.

Nothing will be done. "Might is right", the people are fat, lazy, weak and scared.