Friday, 27 January 2012

Arab spring: 'Western-backed exported Islamist revolution’

Interesting and honest interview by English author John R. Bradley from the Russia Today news team.

Although, it's pretty much what we all knew, it's especially pleasing that this information is actually available for the public to be awaken to.


Durotrigan said...

An excellent interview. Russia Today proves time and again to be far more objective than our own mass media, and it is interesting how its interviewers don't attempt to bludgeon their interviewees with PC insinuations about 'racism' etc.

Andyj said...

PRESSTV have also upped the ante since they have been pulled from the local satellites.

The three "marked" news media for removal from western eyes are Presstv (Iran), CCNC (China) and RT (Russia).