Friday, 7 October 2011


Nick, your obsession with the forthcoming Panorama is beginning to seem pathological.
Why not let it drop and see what they say?

Your letter to the BBC on today website was a very good letter and the best response so far to whatever accusations you think they may make.

You still concentrate on financial issues and other employment matters of which most people neither know nor care about.

BUT you did land some good knockout punches at the BBC regarding their bias and general promotion of alien inhabitants of our country while excluding the views of our party who represent the indiginous inhabitants.

Why did you not do this before?
Why did you react as if you were on the ropes?

We know the BBC are lefty multiculturalists. Everybody does.

They have the power and almost a monopoly. We will never compete with them by running away. If we do that they will portray us in an even worse light and we can do little about it.
We could have used them to our advantage, but can not do that if we don't talk to them.

It is time we stopped running away and proclaimed our beliefs with pride. That way we will gain the support we are now losing.

There is a hunger in the British people for a competent movement to represent them, and we are not now providing that vehicle.

"Operation Fightback"? At present it seems like operation running away.

Stand firm Nick. Answer the questions honestly and get a competent management and policy system in place and we and the country will back you.

But the organisation and methods will have to change.

I'll give you a three one on the letter to Mark Thompson of the BBC

Keep it up.

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