Wednesday, 12 October 2011


There is a series on the increase in numbers of mixed race in Britain on the BBC of course headed by George Alligia a mixed race newsreader himself of course who can give his unbiassed views on the subject and help celebrate the rapidly increasing numbers of mixed race people as a proportion of the population.

What the programmes are about is in truth race replacement. This situation has been encouraged by various "liberal groups" in positions of influence and see in white Europeans as everything bad, in spite of our contribution to human knowledge. These people must be infused with new blood they say.
Hybrid vigour they say. The mixed race offspring are superior to the natives as a result of this genetic infusion they say.
In effect it is a process of eugenics perpetrated against the European people, which if it had been done the other way round would have been decried as Fascism, which of course it is.
But promoting white English people's loss of their genetic heritage will never be shown in these terms.
The insidious propaganda behind these programmes is that mixed race people are superior to pure white people.

Well I was a pedigree cattle breeder and know all about the dangers of inbreeding as a result.
Thus we were obliged to purchase a new bull (of the same breed of course) to avoid this often at great cost to ensure the right genetic material.
This bull would be put with cows also selected for their superior traits otherwise his value would have been wasted and the calves produced of poor quality.

Now I am not comparing people with cattle but the genetic imperatives are just the same.
The most usual infusion of new blood into our society is from a black man who has a child with one or many white slags, many of whom are members of the underclass and ugly or oversexed or they could have chosen a white man to father their child.
So what is the result. A combinationof their genetic characteristics. His athleticism rhythm and social irresponsibility but on average lack of brain power with hers, low inelligence and slothfulness. I am not saying all such mixtures will have exactly the same result but the general end result will be an increase in the population of violent unintelligent but physically strong people.

Lest this is thought a racist rant I do believe some new blood can be beneficial but in small amounts.
Thus peoples of the Middle East are generally intelligent even though they are often blighted in their own countries by their muslim creed. If they integrate here, leave islam and have a child with an English partner the result can be a genius such as the late Steve Jobs.
But how many mixed race people of African descent make a mark in the intellectual world? Not many.
Indians as well as Chinese are also clever and mixed race offspring often do well.
BUT we can not tolerate too many without losing our culture. If they lived here in small numbers we could just about tolerate the situation.
Pakistanis of course exhibit the opposite effect by cousin marriage causing a high proportion of genetic deformities.

Many, including Nick Griffin and television personalities support the preservation of rare breeds of domestic animals. Knowing little about livestock they do not realise the reason for that rarity. They breed and grow slowly and are out competed in one way or another.
Endangered species are also rightly protected. Remember the concern that the Ruddy Duck was interbreeding with native wild ducks and threatening their genetic purity. What happened? The interlopers were shot to preserve the native ducks, even though these species were closely related enough to interbreed
One endangered species whose extinction the media seem to welcome is the white Europeans and especially British people.
Does our genetic heritage not matter.? Are we less important than ducks? It seems so.

Why are we endangered? Because we are not producing as many children as the mixed races and muslims.
Humans like animals are subject to a Darwinian system and we are losing our race in more ways than one.
As a member of that increasingly threatened rare breed, a white Englishman I am determined to preserve our pure European pedigree, although too old to do it by breeding.
We are on the danger list. The media seem to welcome that.


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