Thursday, 6 October 2011


The increasingly worried BNP leadership again publishes a long list of questions to the BBC regarding their forthcoming exposure on next week's Panorama programme.

Excuses and panic seem to be the main topic of the official website in recent days and I am sure the producers will have a field day pointing out this anxiety which if the allegations are unfounded should not exist.
In their "wisdom" they declined to answer questions and thus gave a free rein to whatever the BBC may say.

In addition they have sunk to new depths by bringing David Hannam into their arguments who was a decent man and unlike the leadership knew the meaning of loyalty.

The BBC have no love for our nation and indeed today had a programme celebrating the increase of people of mixed race and I detest them for it.
I did not watch it as it would have annoyed me too much, but the mismanagement of their reaction to the programme is worse if anything than that of their party management.

OUR PARTY SHOULD STAND ITS GROUND not hide behind allegations of corruption in others.

The paranoia of the Party reaches all levels, even our area.
The St Helens organiser was asked to pick up some books from my house and advised to bring security with her.
What did they think I was supposed to do, attack her?
Fortunately she knew I have never been prone to violence and she came alone. In any case I could easily have handled the security man delegated to protect her, but that a violent confrontration was thought possible shows their mindset.

I have also heard that our Wigan & Leigh group has a list of people to be invited to meetings.
The list was described to me as "non rebels and non thinkers" . Thus it seems that rebels and thinkers are not welcome, which does not say much for the present management.

This list obviously includes me and many local Party stalwarts who built the group up from its former small beginnings.
It seems there is only one way to think, that of the official line and any deviation can not be tolerated and renders people asking questions of Clive Jefferson and Mike Whitby as "rebels" and "non thinkers".

Once more democracy at work.

I am no Einstein but I am sure I can hold my own with those two as I have done before and I can assure these "top" officials that far more people think as I do than agree with them,and they would be surprised who.

Never mind the group is going from strength to strength and there are plans for amalgamation with Bolton, this in stark contrast to our previous plans of splitting our group into two separate parts,such was our success.

With progress as good as this it will be unlikely that there will be a party in the NW by Christmas and a once thriving region will be reduced to a shrivelled shell, run with the usual efficiency by Whitby and Jefferson.


Many people wish to join us. The enthusiasm is there and growing and we will soon have a vehicle for the pent up frustration of the people when our movement has been cleansed of this incompetent and undemocratic leadership.

I know this as I speak regularly to people who wish to be involved but refuse to do so under the present regime.




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