Saturday, 15 October 2011


Do the protets in Wall Street, Sydney, Taiwan and now in London against the present banking system indicate a collapse of the present banking system?

They could and are certainly a sign of people's increasing frustration with the system of Global Capitalism.
At last people are seeing the way they have been cheated by this iniquitous system which allows banks to create money out of thin air and lend it out at interest. This system has so many defects one could ask why has it lasted so long.
In micocosm the reason can be seen in New York with the aggressive police tactics, far more violent than they would in other situations.
It is because of what the demonstrators say.

THE BANKERS ARE THE BOSSES, and any protest against them will be snuffed out.

The financial crises all over the world with all countries seeming to borrow money in unimaginable amounts shows the global financial system is heading for collapse.
Hopefully the Eurozone will collapse within months but what the ramifications of that will be no one knows.
What we do know is that in spite of all the so called economics experts global finances and with them standards of living are in a tailspin., and the downturn has hardly begun.

Now I do not think these economists in high places are all thick.
I believe they are financed and controlled by the global bankers of the NWO who wish to control all peoples.

The EU itself was a step in the direction of control. It was always obvious that countries as diverse as the North European and Mediterranean had little in common, climatically, geographically and socially apart from a common European heritage and can never work without a central undemocratic control of all aspects of civic and financial life.

They are now pushing for a closer integration. It is all part of a plan.
To help the plan along, mix the people up and "enrich" them with millions who have no cultural ties and who can move from country to country causing a loss of local identity making populations easier to control.
I believe it is no accident that the so called Arab Spring was in part begun by people's dis satisfaction with their lot and there is more to our intervention in Libya than is admitted.

Muslim extremists of course will try to exploit the vacuum in stable government and perhaps that explains the reluctance of Cameron et al to get involved in Syria.
Israel surrounded by muslim militants would be a nightmare for those in Israel complicit in this NWO scheme.

Now we come to a strange fact, the absence of groups such as the UAF and SWP in these protesting groups. It could be asked how these groups are funded and why Cameron and his cronies support the former?
You would think the SWP would have been at the forefront of demonstrations, given their leftist credentials.
These latter should not be confused with anarchists who reject any order and are thus diametrically opposite.

International bankers hedge fund managers and organisations such as the EU would be those one would think the so called leftist groups would be the first to target.
After all they are not democratic and there is talk of the "post democratic" society, in other words FASCIST.

Scare stories are beginning to be told that Europe would be at war in ten years if the Euro project failed. WHY?

We can all live peacefully together in our own communities, trading with each other in harmony when the people have a say in government in a true democratic way.

The horrors of the World Wars of the 20th Centuary were caused by corrupt leaders and WW2 was in effect a conflict between a free people aided and abetted by Stalin until Hitler attacked him when Stalin joined us.

Wars are not caused by the people, they are just cannon fodder, they are caused by the expansionist policies of dictatorships. The people of all races are being used. Even the unwanted immigrants now entering our country are tools in this global scheme,encouraged by our unrepresentitive government. and aided by their lackeys in the media.

FASCISM AND COMMUNISM ARE THE SAME, and our government is little different BUT

THE PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP to the frauds perpetrated on them.

Where it will end who knows, but hopefully with a more just system rather than the "Orwellian" one they wish to impose on us, and if it does it will be worth it.


Silly Kuffar said...

The Libyan "Rebels" are in fact Al-Quida, which begs the question, why are NATO the UK , France, America etc supporting therm andf supplying them with Military and Financial assistance?

You only need to watch the News on Libya to hear Allahu Akbar from the "Rebels" with every shot fired.

bertie bert said...


We are being fattened up for the kill,the new world fascists have already hoovered up all those little gold broken trinkets,and as the adverts on tv have stopped they think that they have got most of it,all that remains is to crash all the european currencies,they know and intend that the euro/dollar will not survive,it was never supposed to,just theatre to wind up the masses,so when defaults begin,it will be miraculously suggested that a return to the gold standard is required to solve all of our problems,only now big jew controls all of the gold and can set the price for the exchange of our now worthless currencies to a few pennies on the pound,and then we will be sucked inexorably into the latest ponzi scheme,for we will not be able to resist,then the introduction of the "bancor"which sounds too much like banker to be a coincidence,will seal our fate,and the only option left to us will be violence,but the herd will rush headlong into the sheep-pens of slavery,and attack even those who council against it,with cries of what else can we do?