Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I was never one for literature but some sayings of our great poets are sometimes apt.

The constant preoccupation with the forthcoming BBC Panorama programme featuring the financial aspects of the BNP bring to mind the saying "methinks they doth protest too much"

On the BNP website there has over the last week been a constant theme of criticism of wrong practices of the BBC of which there are many, and now today asking why do they not concentrate on the fraud of the other parties.
There have been such programmes and no doubt there will in the future be more but the questions it seems in this programme are in relation to our party's affairs.

Yes we know corruption is rife in the BBC and the other parties but the questions are being now asked of our party. Whether these other bodies are corrupt is irrelevant, but two wrongs do not make a right.
This constant attack on a programme which has not yet been broadcast would give an impartial observer the impression that the Party does have something to hide and in itself does the Party no good.

Are they so afraid of scrutiny that their only defence is to attack other parties and organisations?

Why not be open if you have nothing to hide?

The belated "obituary" of David Hannam illustrates this mindset, implying that questions asked of him hastened his untimely demise.
If so it can only be because of his having been used by the hierarchy and been obliged to cover up failings.
At one point in this "obituary" he is praised for his work and advice in financial matters and a paragraph later said to be not up to the task.
He will be used as a convenient scapegoat. he deserves better than this.

He was a decent man who was USED and any deficiencies can not justifiably be laid at his door.
The buck in any organisation stops at the top, and David was not that man, just a pawn who, if his death has been caused by this programme ,paid the price of loyalty to a hierarchy who did not deserve such loyalty, nor it seems value him.

RIP David.

Your name will be remembered unsullied unlike some who used you.

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