Tuesday, 11 October 2011


As I said yesterday I was disappointed at how little the Panorama programme exposed.
This programme was nothing to do with politics but was only concerned with allegations of financial misdemeanours. Thus any questions asked had a validity to the State and especially to members whose hard earned cash had been use to finance the party.

Mention of the massive amount of money that Jim Dowson has allegedly gathered for the Party was there, but no indication of how it was spent was elucidated, just a statement that the General Election cost it a lot of money.
How much? We have never been told.
Yes I know there were over 100 lost deposits which would have cost over £50,000 but what about the rest.
The local parties were billed and paid for their leaflets so where was the rest of this huge amount spent?

I agree with Simon Darby that the programme was a bit of a damp squib but why in that case were there six articles attacking the programme and the BBC for creating it?
If it had no effect and all the allegations wrong why keep going on about it.This obsession with a not very informative programme and their reaction to it tends to make me believe there is much more hidden under the carpet.

Perhaps some is sub judice, I expect there is and much more will be revealed later.
In that case the BBC in its mission to close down the Party(which I agree it has) has acted prematurely. Why I can only guess. Is it inefficiency or by design?
Only time will tell but one thing is certain Griffin is unsettled by it.

The truth will come out sooner or later but in the meantime Nationalists have to move the cause forward.

The politics of the BNP are broadly correct and more a reflection of member's opimions than those of any other party.


Nick Griffin must realise that HE IS NOT THE PARTY.The Party belongs to its members.
I wonder whether he will hang on in his bunker until the end as did Hitler in the hope of eventual victory.
If so he will find himself with a tiny rump of incompetents still believing as did Hitler in the bunker.

We nationalists must not allow him to take our movement down with him.
We must forge a new movement and unite with other patriots in honest and common cause to save our country, even if that means a new party amalgamated with other patriots.

It can be done.

I expect a start to be made next week at Andrew Brons's meeting. I hope so for all our sakes..

P S Do you know there is a clause in the BNP constitution that guarantees Nick Griffin a generous pension paid out of Party funds? It was pushed through by him at the EGM in Codnor three years ago.
If you have forgotten I bet he hasn't, but it's still there.

So the few of you who remain loyal to the man who has deceived you will find yourselves liable for another bill. Of course if there is no BNP where does the money come from?

I neither know nor care.
I just know I will not be paying it.


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Andyj said...

Simon Darby has now been illuminating parts of the program *Suffolk farmer caught owning unlicensed firearms*. Seems he went to court for it alright. The police and prosecution were once again proven to be idiots in the eyes of the law.


Myself I cannot be assed to watch such garbage as Panorama. Never heard them tell an honest straight account of anything yet.