Saturday, 22 October 2011


A few years a good friend of ours, a shop proprieter became increasingly unconcerned when my wife went to purchase from her. Afterwards my wife said she was not going there again although she had been a longtime friend.
On another occasion a man I knew who ran an off licence held up another similar shop, a man who knew him. He was of course arrested as his victim knew him. We all thought it strange at the time.

The two above I am using as illustrations of what can go wrong with people's minds.
They were later diagnosed as suffering from brain tumours, which had altered their personalities from those we liked into another alien frame of mind.

I believe Nick Griffin is suffering from some cerebral disturbance.
Last year I thought he was God until he began to renage on his promises and "fix" motions at party meetings to ensure his long term control of OUR party in an undemocratic way by schemes such as proxy votes.

Now it seems anybody with whom he disagrees is a traitor. No free speech or opinions there then.

Today we went to the "BNP Ideas" in Leicester, a very civilised meeting with eloquent patriotic speakers who tolerated differnt opinions. No black garbed "security" were in attendance and we met many old friends.
Some had left the party, some had been thrown out or sacked for asking questions (Griffinite democracy) and many remained but were in dispair at the failing fortunes of the party in which we sought our national salvation and which claims rapid growth, in spite of losing two thirds of its membership.

At the meeting I was informed that Griffin had "tweeted"(I don't go on it) that the attendees were all in the pay of George Soros or Searchlight spies.

What planet is this man on? These people were those who had worked with and supported him and were not meeting to destroy Nationalism.
We met to save Nationalism from the destruction visited upon our creed by the present hierarchy.
We can see the fall in support in electoral results and local activism. If Griffin can not see this he has lost his mind.

I DO believe there are moles in the party, but they are not to be found in those ejected as they would not be very good moles.

They are to be found in those AT THE TOP of the party and not those present at the WELL ATTENDED meeting.

Anyone who wished could speak from the floor, and different views were respectfully heard.
We differed in certain aspects of the best way forward but we were united in our desire to save our country and culture.

We know that and agreed that Nick Griffin is an impediment. He is an electoral liability.
How do I know? The electors tell me and have told others at the meeting.
If he had any decency he would resign in the interests of the cause, if indeed he believes in it.

But we know he won't.

He shows obvious signs of paranoia. He thinks people are against him. Many are, so why does he not just go and leave the nationalist field to flourish without his baggage. He seems to be determined to stay whatever. Like Gadaffi he believes all nationalists love him.

Or perhaps he has a brain malfunction.

If he believes those at our meeting today are in the pay of George Soros he is certainly wrong in the head.

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