Monday, 31 October 2011


The Euro is collapsing. The leaders of the Euro countries know it but will not admit it.
They will not admit their globalistic fascist idea is becoming unscrambled.
They know that Greece can never pay its debts and neither possibly can Italy.

The European Central Bank has injected billions of Euros and all to no avail. There is still no confidence in this Ponzi scheme.
They have sent a delegation cap in hand to China asking for help which they are not likely to get without strings.
Meanwhile the people of Europe are suffering with increased uncertainty and unemployment and costs made necessary by the bank interest they have to pay.
The bankers meanwhile still make millions from lending this money which has been created out of thin air and lending it out at great profit.

But say the leaders of Europe we MUST save the Euro. It will be disaster if it fails.
We could have war in Europe.

What a load of rubbish.
When was the last time the ordinary people of Europe went to war? I can not remember a time.
It has always been the rulers who attacked each others countries using their peoples as cannon fodder.
Even in the Arab states the turmoil is between the rulers and those ruled, so why would we European peoples attack each other?

Yes there could and will be violence. I am beginning to feel it is inevitable but that violence will be that of the people against their rulers who have stolen their birthright.
The people will rise up against those who have ruined their lives,stolen their money and jobs,altered their society and flooded it with immigrants.

There could be a people's uprising or "peasants revolt" against those responsible, those in power now. This could be accompanied by a civil war in European countries fought between true Europeans and interlopers brought here by the present rulers.

People all over the world react in the same way to injustice. One only has to look at Libya and the way its rulers have been treated by those now in power. Gadaffi may be gone but those who he imported to prop up his vile regime are also now targetted. It is not pleasant but inevitable. When people finally gain an element of freedom they can take the law into their own hands.

Thus I see the breakup of the European Union as an unpleasant episode, nasty but necessary medicine which will lower all our living standards, but do our leaders see just that?

With their talk of war could they have the fear that some of them may face the same fate as Gadaffi and other dictators?


IT COULD HAPPEN. and that is what worries them, their own skins.

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