Thursday, 13 October 2011


David Cameron in pledging a greater proportion of our GDP than any other country says he feels a warm satisfaction at the good this programme does in reducing poverty in the Third World.
He like Geldoff and Bono are good at encouraging people much poorer then they are to give money and in Cameron's case making it obligitory by spending our taxes on these worthy projects.
Our government of course is in debt and incurs more debt to assist these countries who often have a better bank balance than do we.

Now I do not agree with all this involuntary taxpayer largess but a quick look at the recipients shows clearly where Camerons preferences lie and his assessment of the relative importance of various human rights in his mind.

Thus until recently, China with a poor human rights record and many executions and political prisoners has been a recipient of our forced largesse as had India which posseses aircraft carriers which we can not afford. India has a wealthy upper class well able to financially to help the "Untouchables" who live in abject poverty. No discrimination there then.

Pakistan, a corrupt regime with a penchant for persecuting and even killing Christians receives masses of aid, well it's for the poor children you see.

Afghanistan with an even worse and corrupt regime consumes billions in aid. Well it's for the women's education you see. I know they behead infidels but you have to consider the poor children, and in any case it is their culture and we must not interfere.

Countries in Africa, notorious for torture and worse are helped. Yes we know they are corrupt and most of the money ends up in Swiss bank accounts but some does get through to the poor, helping to alleviate hunger.

So It's nice to know we are helping all contries to create a better life and save children from starvation even if little gets beyond the agencies organising it at least some does.

It must gladden his heart that we are helping mitigate child starvation in all these poor countries.
All the needy will be helped WON'T THEY.

WELL NO. Any country who locks up people with what they in their culture perceive as un natural sexual proclivities will get no aid from us. These people of minority sexual inclinations must be released immediately or no further aid will be given.


Sorry but their life and death does not matter as much as what is seen as a persecution of "gays"

So there you have it. Cameron's compassion.
Behead, torture, kill or steal form the poor and it will be ignored BUT, lock up a few homosexuals in your country and aid will be stopped AND YOUR CHILDREN DIE.

It just demonstrates the hold the "Gay" lobby has over the government.

Their rights are worth more than life and death, but then the coalition in is only helping its own containing as it does many Limp Dems, and we know what they are like don't we?

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