Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Two hundred years ago the rulers of our country, the aristocrats had one great fear. That of the mob, that unrepresented downtrodden mass of people who had been deprived of their rights for the benefit of the rich.

To allay this threat gradually they gave concessions culminating in enfranchisement for all adults in Britain and thus all seemed to be settled.

The masses were happy. They had the vote which they had never had before and believed they were free to build a society which they wanted.

Apart from a brief period after WW2 they were deluded in this belief.

The same people still rule us as did before, and treat us with the same contempt as did the Victorian aristocrats.
In other words we were cheated.
We were told we had democracy even as our wishes were ignored.
The Labour Party, once the great hope of the British working people was even then controlled by those brought up to privelidge who thought in their arrogance that they knew what was best for the people.

There were a few people from ordinary backgrounds in that post war government who could relate to the British people, Bevan and Bevin for example but they were few. These politicians were patriots who believed in those who elected them and their country.
Yes some of their ideas were subsequently shown to be wrong but they were formulated on the principles of what was best for the average British person.

Subsequently we have suffered by politicians in the job for selfish gain or to ingratiate themselves with the wealthy people in the City of London.
Some were beguiled by the anti British Communist Soviet block and put policies in place which reflected that.

What we have never had since 1950 is a party or government which put our people first.

Both major parties, as a sop to the industrialists allowed a massive influx of aliens to our country allowing wages to be kept down. They also gave citizenship to these aliens causing the problems Enoch Powell predicted and for which he was ostracised and sacked.

The descent into chaos continues, but then the "elites" of both Tories and Labour do not have to compete with these usurpers for jobs nor live in close proximity with these aliens.

Some union bosses I accept welcome them as through immigration they gain members, never mind that the conditions of their members are worsened as a result.

Those controlloing our country have been infiltrated by the "Common Purpose" group, a shadowy association, devoted to global capitalism and inimicable to the patriotic instincts and desires of the British people.
The elites know this and even if not in this secetive and subversive association are not concerned as it serves their purpose, that is the destructioin of our national identity in the name of globalism which suits them and their friends in the banking "industry"

We have lost our freedom of speech and to complain about this democratic deficit is to invite a visit from the police for "racism" when all we want is our country for us.

We are in effect pawns.

Other countries such as South Korea, Japan and even the communist but nationalist state of China protect the rights of their citizens and allow preference for them.

Why is it that we are not able or allowed to prioritise our own kith and kin as others do?

We have become as disenfranchised as our ancestors were two hundred ago and the might of the state bears down upon us if we complain.

Going back to the fear of the mob, the EDL are growing and although I believe they are good patriots and have the guts to openly protest they are a symptom of the deficiency of our so called democracy.

If those who rule over us will not heed the will of the people and discriminate against us in the media and by legal means the motivation for direct action will grow, as will the EDL. Good luck to them.

Our people won our freedom in the past and will do so again.

Our freedom was hard won.


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