Friday, 23 September 2011


Has the BNP completely lost its marbles?

In a trailer for a film to expose the BBC to be played tonight the Party it seems made a complete fool of itself.
I accept that the BBC is infested by trendy PC Lefties and is no friend of ours but having admitted the reporters to the venue it was pure stupidity to make such a fool of themselves in front of not only their cameras but THOSE OF THE BBC who were also filming.
I agree filming any interview is good practice to enable rebuttal of sneaky editorial tactics and blatant lying which that organisation is often guilty of.
But do they not realise that their aggressive tactics will only portray the party in an even worse light and was recorded BY THE BBC?

The job of reporters in any case is to create interest in their programme by getting up the noses of the interviewees and is used against all parties.
If a party consents to be interviewed, surely the best course is to answer in a civilised manner in the hope of a positive portrayal. Civility can not be portrayed as bad manners even in a biased programme.

Why does our party have to be so defensive? Other parties are pleased to have their point of view aired even at the risk of bias.
Are our leaders and spokesmen not able to hold their own with reporters? Have they so little faith in their principles and facts?
To question reporters on the many perverts paedophiles and cheats in the BBC (which there are) is irrelevant.
A reporter's job is to ask, not answer questions and is not responsible for the conduct of others in his organisation, nor does he necessarily agree with that organisation's stance.

Nick Griffin complains that he has not been asked again on to "Question Time" where he knows they would try to ambush him as they did last time (next time I hope he is better prepared).
"Question Time" can be and is edited before it is broadcast whereas an interview on our premises can be videoed.
If he wants to be on that programme when he knows they will try to fit him up, why can he not answer in an interview controlled by the Party.
It looks as if he has something to hide. Has he?

We make fools of ourselves by behaving as Simon Darby does on this film and come over as wanting to deflect questions by asking irrelevent questions of the interviewer. We seem on the run as do those exposed on "Watchdog" and thus make a poor impression.

Yes the BBC are against us, but I believe by acting in such an aggressive way we will be portrayed in an even worse light than we would have been.
We are the ambassadors for Nationalism and if the behaviour on this "taster"is typical I shudder to think what the BBC have and what is on the rest of the film.

If that's the best we can do GOD HELP US!



Nationalist19 said...

Simon Darby & Nick Griffin was not aggressive in the slightest, they was simply turning the tables on the BBC for once. The majority of you "reformers" seem to jump in the defensive of the BBC for some bizzare reason.

Mr Griffin has already given a full statement regarding the Panorama programme.

Lanky Patriot said...

They were not turning the tables on the BBC, they showed they were on the run.
I am not part of any so called "Reform" group (BTW thanks for not calling us "deform", good for you, a bit less childish).
I am my own man.
I also like you can not stand the BBC but realise they always have the whip hand with what they broadcast.
The best way to combat them and their biased take on our country is to not give them anything to whip.

Unfortunately those at the top in the Party do not seem to realise this.