Friday, 16 September 2011


With the turmoil in the country with riots perpetrated , mainly by blacks with some help from the white underclass, and increasing unemployment and the prospects of a financial meltdown one could ask why the support for the "main" parties remaines solid.

The Tories, or true consevatives do not like Cameron who is seen as a weak elitist with no notion of the meaning of conservativism. He is presiding over the destruction of our society as did his predecessor Brown, and conserving nothing.

Labour still has many staunch adherents (for traditional reasons) in spite of that party betraying the grass roots of the founding members with their getting into bed with millionaires and wealthy bankers, and allowing millions of immigrants to take priority in jobs and housing.
Their leader is uncharismatic and trusted by no one.

The Lib Dems hardly warrant comment having few policies apart from their pro Euro and immigrant stance and their leader will in all likelyhood lose his seat at the next election for betraying his constituents.

So come an election what are the many who despair of our country and the betrayal by the major parties to do?
Few are satisfied by these parties and vote for them because they see no alternative.

Some speak of Farage and his tin pot UKIP which although supposedly anti EU has no other policies. Farage himself has an irritating demeanour which annoys people and puts them off voting for him

That leaves us, as an alternative vehicle with policies which DO resonate with voters.

So why do they not vote for us?

One reason is that they see the chaos in our party and think if we are not able to run a small organisation such as ours efficiently we are not fit to run the country. There is a logic to this opinion.

But FAR more serious is the fact that many say they would vote for us with another leader.

THEY DO NOT LIKE NICK GRIFFIN and he is thus an impediment on our progress.
As a person I like him in spite of his renaging on past promises and his over ruling of the Party's democratic decisions. He has done a lot for our party but he should see if he has any political instinct that it is time for him to step down.
I am sure he has that instinct and knows that his continual clinging on to power is in his own interests and not those of nationalism.
Thus , in spite of what he has done he is hastening the Party's demise.

He should remember however that for all he has achieved for nationalism he has not done it alone. To negate the hard work of hundreds of dedicated workers is inexcusable.
Yes he has built the Party up, but it does not belong to him and he should remember that and resign in the interests of both party and country.

We should be making big strides now. All the indications are in our favour, but we are becoming sidelined and IGNORED.
Our bye election results are abysmal when we should be progressing strongly.

Perhaps he does not know it, beingsurrounded by sychophants whose position depends on saying the right things to him, but he should be made to realise the true collapse of the Party.

The time is ripe for a nationalist resurgence. Many people wish to join, but again and again they say they will not join if Nick is the leader.

In Wigan we have twenty people who wish to join but are waiting for a new leader and a clean hierarchy. These people, many of them potential activists will not join as yet.
I am sure this situation is replicated across the country.

The people NEED a voice. We should be providing it and we are not.
Our party with its present set up is letting our country down, but we will not grow as we should until the management and leadership is rectified.

Individually there is only a little each of us can do. We are the small fry, but Nick Griffin could save our party by stepping down.

Then all those expelled (the best in the Party) would come back and form a nucleus around which all those who seek a patriotic political home can gather and I believe the sky would be the limit.

At present our party has become a laughing stock at best and at worst ignored.

We have the potential. The people need us.

All we need is a new management and leader.

For our country's sake, PLEASE LET US HAVE IT!

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