Monday, 26 September 2011

Britons accused of trying to join Somali militants

The truth of this is not that BRITONS are trying to join Somali militants but BANGLADESHIS who, like anyone from the third world who come to our country are instantly given a BRITISH PASSPORT.

Why BANGLADESHIS who have BANGLADESHI passports need or are given a BRITISH passport is beyond me.
Now that these men have been caught it won't be long before they are sent back home. No, not to Bangladesh but back to OUR HOME and OUR LAND which it seems we have no say in who can come here, who can stay and who can't.

We can't even deport foreigners who have taken part in mass murder and genocide, paedophilia, rape and a 1000 other crimes which would see a NATIVE BRITON in a foreign country imprisoned and then deported back home.

"In recent months, MI5 and MI6 have become aware of an increasing number of young British men arriving in the African country in order to cross into Somalia, sources told The Daily Telegraph.

In Somalia, they have been joining up with al-Shabaab, a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda in East Africa and there are concerns that they could return to Britain to launch attacks.

The latest arrests involved three men who were detained for questioning in the port of Mombasa last week.

Ambrose Munyasia, head of Kenya’s Coast Province police force, said: “They were seen acting suspiciously. We trailed them for a day after suspecting their movement within the town. Although they told us that they are tourists, some of their actions have given us cause to believe that they are not.”

Three suspected British al-Shabaab members were arrested in north east Kenya in May.

The men were of Bangladeshi origin but holding British passports, according to reports.

They were arrested when the Land Rover they were travelling in was stopped at a police checkpoint on a road linking Kenya and Somalia.

Philip Ndolo, the North Eastern regional deputy police chief, said the suspects claimed to be heading for the tourist island of Lamu, thousands of miles from where they were picked up.

He said investigations showed that the three used complex routes to avoid police checkpoints to get to the village where they were eventually arrested.

In November 2002 terrorists tried to shoot down an Israeli-chartered Boeing 757, firing two missiles which narrowly missed the plane as it took off from Mombasa airport and killing 15 people in a bomb explosion at the nearby Paradise Hotel."

A team of specialist forensic officers were examining laptops belonging to the suspects, sources said.

Kenyan counter-terrorism police were said to have become suspicious about the men and tracked their movements before arresting them on Thursday.

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