Tuesday, 12 July 2011


At last we have the opportunity to see Nick Griffin's election video, and what a mess it is!

Obviously rattled(or cornered)he tosses the leaflet sent to members last week saying it was full of lies about his family and the party. He said he would ignore it.

That's what he has been doing to our questions for the last couple of years.
We don't want ignoring we want answers.

I'm sorry his wife is upset. She must be a more sensitive soul than I had thought.

Geoff Dickens is to seek to find out who has sent out this scurrilous (factual) material and take action.
The police are to be informed and law suits will perhaps follow.

Well Nick is used to losing law suits and as there is nothing illegal I don't see what action that will achieve.

He says Andrew has been fed poison and does not know what the reality is.
That is an insult to Andrew who is only standing because he does know what is going on and wishes to halt the decline.

Griffin on the other hand wants to keep his job.

He invites Andrew to head office to see the figures.

How about publishing them so we can all see? We have a right to know!

He says that the party is turning around its problems while failing to say that even if it is those problems occured on his watch so he is responsible.

Andrew is offered a position on the scrutiny committee with Brian Mahoney when Nick is re elected (he seems very confident before the results are announced).
If so Andrew should have no trouble working with Brian as Brian is backing him.

When such a senior official as Brian Mahoney, who knows what is going on financially backs a change in leader it speaks for itself, and indicates that we need open finances.

Yes Nick we are all in agreement about soldiers and pensioners etc so why mention them?
You have to say how you would run the party differently and halt its decline.
That is the gist of Andrew's video.

But then if you did that you would have to accept responsibility for our decline and your pride (avarice) will not allow you to do that.

All in all your petulant reply shows you have lost the argument even if you win the election as you so confidently imply.

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