Tuesday, 5 July 2011


So now it is official. A leadership challenge by Andrew Brons.
On the official website the announcement is titled "Democracy in Action", but as with many matters in the party further probing shows that all is not what it seems.

A rule stating that all campaigning must be conducted through "official channels" gives the lie to the previous statement.

Who controls these channels? Who has an inbuilt advantage as a result of being leader and thus better known to "armchair" voting members unaware of the virtues of the contender?
You guessed it. Nick Griffin.

I could be breaking the rules by this blog, just stating my opinion as an ordinary member.

That's democracy Griffin style, pretend democracy, as in the use of proxy votes to carry resolutions favouring the leader and cooked up by him, sidestepping the will of the party as expressed at EGMs and in conference resolutions.

Stifle the opposition from making their case while using the power of the official website to promote the leader.

Nick Griffin uses his position as leader to make the rules up as he goes on and of course he makes them up to favour himself.`
He needs to win a new spell as leader as he knows he has no chance of getting another term as an MEP so he has broken his promise to stand down in order to protect his future and that of his daughter and son in law on the payroll.

I know I am to an extent washing dirty linen in public but what other options have I got?.

As stated above camaigning in favour of candidates is forbidden and the rules changed to suit the interests of the leader at the whim of the leader and not put to a fair vote.

All this is un necessary. The Party is being split asunder, good nationalists expelled, splinter parties formed and membership going down. This at a time when the country is going to pot, jobs are being lost, taxes going up and we are being invaded by aliens.

WE SHOULD BE GAINING INFLUENCE NOW. All the conditions are right.


We should be united as nationalists, but it seems nationalism has been put second to the interests of the Griffin family and clique.

I joined our party, inspired by Nick Griffin but his recent blunders and avarice have set our cause back.

It is no good saying he built the party up. Yes he did but then after inspiring hard work and progress it does not give him the right to undo our work.

Since he has been leader all other parties have changed leader several times. If he carries on he will have been leader longer than Gadaffi!

So Nick. Thanks for what you have done (with our help) but now is the time to step down gracefully as you promised.

We need a new leader who can heal the wounds, many of which have been caused by you.

Our cause is more than any individual and Andrew Brons would heal these wounds and hopefully bind the disparate nationalist elements into a strong patriotic force.

Let's pull together. But I am afraid it is not possible under the present leadership.

P.S I shall continue in my support for the contender and although it may seem that I have been breaking the rules there is much more that I could say but for now I will keep silent on these matters.


Anonymous said...

Look at Griffin's history, his self-centredness is not a recent development. In 2000 less than a year after being elected, as chairman, he used party funds to build an extension on his own home, and in so doing caused a good number of senior officials (and his erstwhile supporters) to resign in disgust. Since then questions about the party's finances have never gone away, and for 3 of the last 4 years the party's own appointed auditors have refused to accredit the books as being truthful.

What happens to the money raised by the Trafalgar Clubs, why is there no records published as to how the money is being used?

Griffin may well have overseen a boom in the party's fortunes in the early 2000's. But that, as Lanky has said, is mostly (or in my view completely)down to the hard work of low paid hard working party officials and grass-roots members. most of these people are now long gone. They have either been dismissed by Griffin, or have resigned unable to stomach Griffin and his corrupt band of cronies.

Andrew Brons's challenge will be scuppered by Griffin, as he has with all the challenges that have gone before. Face the truth, the BNP is now nothing more than a fan club. The Nick Griffin fan club!

EdNog said...

Well said mate.


Anonymous said...

I too joined maily because of Nick, however after the past year and especially after attended the farsical GMM last Sunday I could never again trust a word he utters. The bnp is in a poor state so the leader must take responsibility for that. How can the leader who brought us to this state be trusted to get usn out of it? I learnt
" If you always do, what you always did, you always get what you always got". We need a new image with a new leader.

Anonymous said...

What is all this about Nick building a house with BNP money, I have never heard that one before. It sounds to me like the Reds are on this site spreading their own lies about a good man simply to discredit him. The part about the accounts not being passed by the electrical commission is also utter shit. So as it appears that UAF want Brons to win I'll be voting for Nick Griffin.

Silly Kuffar said...

@ Anonymous -
"What is all this about Nick building a house with BNP money, I have never heard that one before. It sounds to me like the Reds are on this site..."

So because you haven't heard of it means it's a lie ?

There are no reds on this site only TRUE NATIONALISTS.
We are losing OUR COUNTRY and RIGHTS by the day.

What has Nick Griffin done for the party and its attempts to save our country in the past two years ?

The voters don't trust him and that's what matters. If we continue to praise Griffin as some sort of demi-god we will lose the fight to retain OUR BIRTHRIGHT.

Ask yourself this, why did Nick spend so much time and effort to get elected to the EU rather than Parliament ?

You keep your head in the sand and well carry on trying to save our country.

Lanky Patriot said...

It is a FACT that the accounts were not passed by the Electoral Commision, indeed the party was FINED on at least two occasions as a result.

You think that is sh*t. Shows how little you know.

Another fact is that Searchilght has said it wants Nick to remain as leader.

People tell us they will not vote for us while he is leader and thus he is a drag on our prospects.

If he had any honour or thought for the future of nationalism he would do the decent thing and do as he PROMISED and resign in 2014.

Abiding by the resolution passed almost unanimously at Conference last December would be a sign that he believes in democracy.
The fact that he has kicked it in touch proves he does not and thus is unfit to be leader.
In fact anybody but him as leader would be an advantage.

For all the good he did in the past it does not give him the right to undo all our work for his own ends.

Anonymous said...

What will your plan be when you realise Nick has won his 4 years and that there is no chance of him allowing this group of challengers to usurp him?

When will you go off and make/join another party and let the remaining BNP sink or swim without your negative interference?

Anonymous said...

".................and let the remaining BNP sink or swim without your negative interference?"

That should read: and allow Griffin to fleece a fresh input of new members.

Griffin clearly regards Nationalism as a easy source of income not, as most of us do, as a way of saving our people.

Silly Kuffar said...

@ Anonymous

"What will your plan be when you realise Nick has won his 4 years and that there is no chance of him allowing this group of challengers to usurp him?

When will you go off and make/join another party and let the remaining BNP sink or swim without your negative interference? "

Your probably right, Nick will win, but not by the DEMOCRATIC ROUTE but by manipulation, lies and deception.

If that's what you want youi can have it. I just hope you don't have any Children or Grandchildren as there will be no future for them in OUR COUNTRY and you can toady up to Nick as much as you want, but at the end of the day you will have to look your Children and Grandchildren in the eye and say SORRY, I didn't do enough to save our country and your futures, I put my faith in Nick Griffin and he failed us.

Anonymous said...


"I put my faith in Nick Griffin and he failed us."



Lanky Patriot said...

If Nick wins there will be a massive exodus from the party. Many are just hanging on so they can vote against him.

If he wins I believe it would be better to let the party die a quick death and another clean new organisation to spring up worthy of the British people rahter than the slow decline which is inevitable under his leadership.

We have not time for that.

I am sure such an organisation will emerge.

malvoisin said...

I see you have not published my post from yesterday regarding mr Brons, were the questions too hard to answer?
I refer you to your own header at the top of your blog,you know the one
freedom of speech etc.
perhaps Anonymous at 00.04 is right.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is that Mr Brons has used Butlers blog for the past 15 months to attack the party and good hard working activists with the aim of weakening and causing upset amongst the ranks then in steps Brons to save the party and scream unity when he has caused the split.
Yes there have been mistakes made but by outright lying and exaggeration Brons/Butler has made out the party is on the verge of collapse since last June. The Blackpool branch were lied to by their ex organiser to stop them standing any candidates in the last election then the reform group turn around and gloat that the number standing is down, does that sound like they want to do their best for the party? to me is sounds like they want to destroy it.

Eddy Butler admitting himself he has no evidence of wrong doing.


Silly Kuffar said...

@ Anonymous...Is it Personal opionion or fact ?
Do you know the difference ?

Lanky Patriot said...

To Anonymous. Accusing Andrew Brons of using Butler's blog in an effort to undermine the party and gain the leadership for himself shows how little you know or care to admit.

Brons only reluctantly threw his hat in the ring at the last moment having been pleaded with to do so.

He has no personal ambition, unlike Griffin and is standing in an effort to stop the total collapse of the party, and hopefully creating a new DEMOCRATIC constitution.

Most of the senior activists in the NW (those who know what is going on) support Brons and if Griffin wins it will be because of the votes of armchair members or possible chicanery at the count.

Interestingly at last year's challenge it was Brons who scrutinised the vote which Butler lost.

I do not know who will be holding the votes until they are counted. Geoff Dickens is straight but whether Griffin can spring another surprise with proxy votes or some such scam I don't know.

I do know he will try any subterfuge he can to win, just as he has changed the constitution and voting rules recently for his own advantage.

BTW Brons gave a good interview following his second Buckingham Palace garden party.
Where was Griffin?

Not invited owing to his own stupidity.

Griffin is a vote loser. People tell us they don't like him so that is reason enough for him to do as he promised and step down.

Anonymous said...

Eddy Butler, admitting himself, he has no evidence of Nick Griffin wrong doing.


Lanky Patriot said...

To Anonymous at 03 56.

I have no evidence of Nick Griffin's wrongdoing but plenty of his mismanagement and bending the party rules to suit his own interests and those of his family.

These should be enough to require his resignation.

If the voters liked and would vote for him I would ignore these failings and support him as I did previously but they don't and so he should do the honourable.
thing and resign as he promised.

Then we could have a new interim leader and a new democratic constitution. Of course those who are in Griffin's pay would lose their jobs. That is why they are so worked up.