Friday, 3 June 2011

Lisa Nandy Wigan MP - EXPENSES UPDATE:

I just thought I'd drop you a post on how the buxom Wigan MP and kiddies charity and asylum seeker tsar Lisa Nandy is doing with your hard earned cash ladies and gentlemen in the way of her parliamentary expenses? If you click on the link below it will give you a comprehensive and itemised view of her claims to date. Considering this empathetic lady has only been in the job for just over 12 months, it seems she's has no moral or charitable conscience about lining her own pocket.

Click here:

Lisa Nandy Wigan MP - Parliamentary Expenses.

Update: It does look like the expenses site for MP's now has a 'time out' but please do have a look and select for yourselves as you will.
Source: Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

Whilst you're here - how about taking a look at her latest concern/venture via Rathbone:Quote:Furnish us with your pledge


MP Lisa Nandy has joined forces with Rathbone to encourage Wiganers to make their town their (sic) first in the country to promise to stop demonising teens.

And since she represents a town famed for its sense of community and tradition for helping the vulnerable, Lisa and her constituency of Wigan were the natural choice to launch a pledge that Rathbone hopes will be rolled-out nationally.


Anonymous said...

Firstly am amazed that no comments so far on your update.
I have as you suggested had a look at the published IPSA expenses of the Wigan MP.
I am scratching my head at some of what I see but I'll leave it until I go into this in more depth with the relevent authority.
IMHO there is not enough detail being published by IPSA,they seem to be taking a broad brush approach.
Terms like other and miscelaneous are are crap to me,they don't mean anything other than don't want to explain it.
In my time of producing high value budgets such descriptions would have been laughed out of court.
Now onto Rathbone,the woman who originally set this up was to be commended in that she was complaining about the young people of her time who were abandoned as apologies nut cases were getting a raw deal.
She actually did a great amount of work in this area which I can only commend.
Now we come to today and Rathbone is it what it says it is?.
When I see predominately liebour and other disperate forces align themselves to this,well frankly I don't believe them.
UK politics is now the butt of jokes across the net and until the UK population wakes up from it's assault of media crap in all it's forms in fact you will lose your country.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Anonymous...I too am amazed that no comments are left - some real hard facts here about how this vile woman has the audacity to pillage and plunder from the good people of Wigan and Leigh only to line her own pocket whilst the rest of us suffer the hardship. Unfortunately Rathbone will no doubt now be filled with Marxist/Common Purpose ilk ready to indoctrinate those poor young and vulnerable kids with their disgusting rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

off topic,

british resistance -- part two,

nick and andrew in brussels, 2nd part near the end see eddie the traitor in action, andrew brons has butler on his eu payroll, what a load of self serving tossers. God Bless Nick, we appreciate a true Nationalist, Nick, how u put up with these traitors and phonys ?

Give em a election challenge,
then the creeps can go and whine somewhere else. good riddance to bad rubbish.

Nick Griffin, we admire and respect you, sometimes u are too nice.

Anonymous said...


Good post, lets keep the " piggy trotters " in the news.

Must say, Peter Franzen, CAP,
has made some " sensible, ",
comments and truths, on the Wigan Today site, re the Councillors feeding from the Trough.

I have had a few " intense " debates, with Mr. Franzen, but credit is due, he is as hated as a Community Action Party Leader, as is any person representing The British National Party.

Makes, you think ?