Saturday, 7 May 2011


First of all congratulations to all BNP members who put their head above the parapet and stood in what was obviously going to be a diffcult contest with little hope of wiinning.

These patriots kept the flame alive and showed that in spite of all the odds we are still here and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future when the enormity of our country's problems hits home.

BUT We could and should have done better and the reason we did not was purely down to the leadership of the Party.

The best and most eloquent have either been expelled or given up hope and defected to other parties or given up activity in politcs altogether.
The ones remaining running the party are the sychophants, those deluded enough to believe they will ever gain power, the ones in it for the money, people who give our party a bad name and those who are appointed through nepotism. We have become the Nick Griffin PLC.

We are told the cause of our poor results is "infiltrators" and "Searchlight" moles.
If that were the cause then these moles from MI5 must still be in the party and not those who have left the party or been sidelined.

If you think about it if MI5 wanted to infiltrate they would attempt to reach the higher echelons of power and not be ordinary members.They would continue to "support" a dying party while betraying the good activists working hard on the streets and undoing all their hard work.

I have refrained from making these comments until after the elections lest I be regarded as a destroyer although I have already been accused of consorting with "malcontents"

I have not. I AM A MALCONTENT, as any rational person with the interests of the party and nationalism must surely be. How can I be content seeing the party I love being destroyed?

I was "summoned" to a disciplinary meeting for attending a "reform" meeting which was proscribed. I did not know it was a reform meeting but even if it was what is wrong with the concept of "reform", and why does the Party believe it has the right to forbid me from attending any meeting I like?

How can we be content when our area has been almost destroyed by arbitrary suspensions, disciplinary actions and disruptive appointments and a general lack of leadership.

In a nutshell I believe we need a new leader.

Nick Griffin is a superb speaker but as the proverb says "actions speak louder than words", and his actions in the last 18 months have shown he is unfit to lead a party which seeks national government and he did not exactly crown himself in glory at Question time or the Queen's Garden Party incident.

So the question is asked "who else could be leader"?
That is a difficult one and one which has stopped me from pushing for a new one, BUT the reason for this is that anybody who is suitable has either been suspended or expelled, thus rendering them unable to mount a challenge.

Think of this.

Since 2000 the Tories have had three leaders as have Labour and the Lib Dems.
Only Nick Griffin has been leader all this time.
Lib Dem politicians are now speaking about replacing Clegg. That would probably result in expulsion in our party.

Do you think that among all the BNP members there is nobody capable of leading our party? If so God help us and we are not fit for power.

I do not believe that. I believe those who posed a threat to the present leadership have been sidelined or driven out, but we have many intelligent and eloquent members who could take up the reins and further our progress.

I believe 100% in the principles of the British National Party as do a large proportion of the British people but we are not getting our message across.

We have no stable party structure nor audited financial accounts which I have been asking for for several months. If mistakes have been made in the latter, admit them and go forward but do not suspend people for asking.

Our country deserves a better nationalist movement as they have in Europe.
Nick Griffin brought us forward in the early years of this century and indeed was the reason I joined but I can feel the disillusionment among local people with the way our cause is going.

I am sorry to say this but he is a drag on our fortunes now and should do the decent thing and resign. I will not hold my breath that he will do so but if he really is a true patriot he should realise that his time is past and do so,---and then WE CAN UNITE AND RISE PHOENIX LIKE AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK


Mr Commonsense said...

You have well summed up the present situation and it seems the time for action is coming.We must become the respectable party if we want people to trust us with their votes for our country and future.We need to throw out all vulgar speech and with it any thuggery that goes with it.Respectability and gentleness of manner should be our watchword. That does not mean we can let people push us around.The velvet glove containing an iron fist has often been the British way so let us welcome a period of reconcile and renaissance for better days ahead.

Cygnus said...

Very good article. I think your thoughts are those of the majority. Only the ones who cant separate the party from the leader would disagree.

Anonymous said...

You said":
"The ones remaining running the party are the sycophants.....................We have become the Nick Griffin PLC."

I say:
"Those members who backed down, after the December 2007 attempt to reform the party, are guilty of allowing this disastrous situation to develop. In less than 4 years the BNP has gone from being a booming party to the current state where it is nothing more than a Nick Griffin fan club. Since 2007 Griffin has been allowed to change the party's constitution making him in effect leader (dictator) for life."

Anonymous said...


Our Rome 'GREAT BRITIAN' is slowly being built back from the ruins of successive dictators/communists....

The FACT is, the boundries were changed so all other parties except Labour we unable to stand for the same demographic areas..... because they dont exist anymore........

the only reason
Also look at the votes cast for the BNP they are definately up!
Well done the BNP folk

Anonymous said...

You are all deluding yourselves, the BNP is finished. its mad Captain, Nick Griffin, has driven it onto the rocks not just once but over and over again. When a captain goes mad the crew have a duty to remove the madman to save the ship. But if the ship is so badly holed that it's no longer savable, then it unfortunately becomes every man for himself. And it's this situation that the party now finds itself in.

But there is still time for senior crew members like Charles to lead member to ships that are still seaworthy; ED, UKIP etc.

the doctor said...

I an very sure that a retired GP would make an excellent Party leader . Step up to the plated man .

Andyj said...

The ugly scythe of AV has completely missed our throats and struck those who wielded it against us.

As goes BNP leadership. I sent my renewal. A clearly marked transaction debited from my account. but had nothing returned except a form to join by letter. I will not be paying again until another 12 months are up. At least.

So this time round at the local election, my local people had no say when they came to vote. Propaganda is at a minimum. I'm sure my area would of seen a good percentage gain in votes.

I agree with the NG fan club thing. He could of gave himself a higher standing in the long term by letting WORTHY persons take the reign when he became an MEP.
A chairman should merely be the chairman. Keeping himself as dictator will only add high quality fuel to the detractors fire.

But no, not that Eddy Butler. There is a reason party leaders choose a man with a full head of hair, wins his points by being positive, never speaks bad of his party and doesn't wear a smirk all the time.

Anonymous said...

Because of my job in further education I have never become a BNP member but I have been an active supporter and donor for about 4-5 years now. I am not privy to the internal organisation of the party so I'm not in a position to comment too much on internal affairs, however, I do recall that an EGM was held at which the membership voted to give the Chairman powers to change the party constitution without having always to consult the members in order to outmanouevre the attempts by the EHRC to drag the BNP into legal quagmire.

Reform groups can seem innocuous and indeed a positive thing at first glance but they are potentially fractious and have been used throughout British nationalist history as vehicles merely to demoralise and break up nationalist parties. There was also a recent election for leadership which Griffin overwhelmingly won. People should therefore buckle down and get back on with the job. Griffin has stated that he will stand down in 2years time anyway. Frankly, those who stood against him such as Barnebrook and Butler were not up to the job and would have been put through the mincer by the opposition and media as much as Griffin has been done, if not more so as they are not Griffin's equal intellectually. I think ex-UKIP Andrew Moffat will make a good future leader as far as public image goes - that is if he actually wants to become Chairman.

As far as this weeks predictable election results go, the only astonishing outcome has been the complete failure of UKIP to make any headway. I was expecting to see a real surge in their vote, however across Greater Manchester they polled less votes than BNP candidates where the UKIP and BNP contested the same wards except in two places - in one of these places Winton (Salford) their candidate is a well known tradesman but yet he only polled less than 60 votes more than the BNP. To those who believe that it is Nick griffin who is a vote loser per se, then why has the 'non-racist' party of 'respectable' Mr Farage who is not constantly press assassinated and who is on Question Time every month not knocking on the doors of local councils let alone Westminster. After all the cash UKIP ploughed into the recent Oldham and Saddleworth by-election and eating into the BNP's vote they didn't even stand one candidate for elections for Oldham Council on May 5!

I certainly think that the BNP needs to do much to alter the way it sells itself and its ideology to a very misinformed and apathetic public - and THIS is what reform should be about and what would prove to be most efficacious. This type of reform would include looking closely at some of the extraneous policies which can alienate potential supporters such as capital punishment and opposition to civil partnerships.

It is frusrating and disheartening right now but we have to keep our nerve and steer the party through tough times. It would be futile and damaging to the cause to jump ship and unless it is for reasons of personal idealogical repositioning I see no worthy reason to desert the BNP.

Anonymous said...

As for losing seats in Stoke and Burnely, it was obvious that Lib-Dem voters deserting to Labour was going to make it nigh impossible for the BNP to hang on to these seats.

Anonymous said...

British nationalism is now so fragmented by
political infighting within the Nationalist Movement, no matter what label it carries we in the BNP must, take a massive rethink...

We are above all Nationalists and we should be pushing forward with greater nationalist polices. Today, I feel quite confident that I could demonstrate to any UK court that there is more racism towards whites from coloured than vice versa and that such racism goes unchallenged by the authorities.

UKIP... forget it and be realist.