Friday, 13 May 2011


The recent elections have been instructive for anybody interested in politics.

The Lib Dems have collapsed but the Tories have generally held their ground in England. Could this be because of their supposedly slightly more hard line over immigration ? Possibly, I do not know but to a slight degree they do talk the talk. Whether they will walk the walk and do anything about it I doubt but i'm sure it must have had an influence on a few voters and it does not take many to swing an election.

Some interesting facts about the attitude of the other parties to failure also emerged.

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has resigned as a result of their failure in Scotland to inspire people to vote for them.

Tonight we learn that the leader of Plaid Cymru is also resigning because his party did not do as well as expected, and even in England Clegg's position is not secure.

Bad election results in all the other parties inevitably mean the resignation of the leader or at least a challenge.

So what you may say.
In our party such a resignation seems unthinkable and a challenge will result of expulsion from the Party. Not very democratic is it? or even a method to gain power or influence which after all is our objective.

Nick Griffin is a wonderful and inspiring speaker but when you think about it he is usually speaking to the already converted. Any challenger or heckler at a meeting where he speaks would be speedily ejected.

Preaching to the converted is not enough, it is motivating the average voter to turn out and vote for us that matters.
I have been told many times by voters that they ageree with our policies but will not vote for us while Nick is leader.

This may be unjust but it is a fact and we and he must recognise it and he must resign as the above party leaders have done.
He has been party leader longer than any other party leader in Britain and before long will have equalled Gadaffi in his leadership.

I am not getting at him by saying this. It is not me who needs to be convinced. It is the British voters and we will get nowhere with him at the helm.

So I plead with him. PLEASE RESIGN NOW.
We could hardly do worse. We have an open goal and we are missing it.
Nick. If you really believe in the cause do the decent thing.

I doubt if you will read this or do what I ask but I can but try as I believe in our cause and now you are becoming a drag on it in spite of what you have done for it in the past.

One final question.

Why is your daughter the NW treasurer now? and why are people asked to help her as she does not know how to do it?
Is there nobody else you can trust? or is it just another form of the usual BNP nepotism.


Anonymous said...

Lanky Patriot said:

"So I plead with him. PLEASE RESIGN NOW."

I say:
"The Nick Griffin fan club without Nick Griffin, that's unthinkable!"

Anonymous said...

You said:
"So I plead with him. PLEASE RESIGN NOW."

I say:
"But who has ever heard of anyone resigning from their own fan club?"

Lanky Patriot said...

OK let him keep his fan club.(who does he think he is Elvis?)

But this is supposedly a political party. It's not show biz so he could keep his fans and let the party be led by a politician who has a chance of winning seats,ie anybody but him.

Anonymous said...

The next leader of the BNP must not be chosen for his/her political talent, but for their management skills. The party needs a good CEO who can reconstruct the party from the mess, that will be left, by Griffin and his gang.

Only once the party is seaworthy should command pass to a politician. But it must be a party with a democratic constitution, and a party with three distinct parts: Political, administrative, and judicial (disciplinary) arms. No mad dictator must be able to take total control ever again.

Personally I doubt if there is time to do this before our course is lost forever. But good luck anyway.

Anonymous said...

(who does he think he is Elvis?)

No he clearly thinks he's God.

Anonymous said...

Lanky I do hear your plea which in MHO comes from the heart of a patriot who does and always has done had the interest's of this country at heart.
In my opinion you are now engaged in an uphill struggle as to wether the BNP will sort itself out relative to the dictatorial rule of Griffin and his cabal.
Griffin is and always will be what I would call an opportunist,yes he has what we Billingers would call the gift of the gab.
In my opinion the gift of the gab can be an advantage,but with certain perimeters.
When Oh when will the BNP get rid of the noose of the national front hanging around their neck.
Griffin to me is a reminder of all that is wrong with the corrupt british politics today.
WE need a british party who without fear or favour will shout out as to what the british public want.

Andyj said...

I say step sideways and bring in a fresh "votable" face that has his head and heart in the right place while at the same gives a good argument and has the voice to bring people on his side in a discussion.

For instance. If we could hand Andrew Moffat the position:

The media will HAVE to ask him why he left ukip which will sway many of them back to us. He is the type people will not be scared to sit next to. Has no *ugly* past. Has a trustworthy, intelligent sounding, educated voice. Will remove another excuse from appearing in QT.

Best of all, he doesn't look like any of the three clones. It even bothers me they all have a Nick Griffin haircut!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (22:35 hrs),

You said:
"WE need a british party who without fear or favour will shout out as to what the british public want.

I say:
Such a party does exist (although it's not perfect by any means), and that party is UKIP. There simply isn't time either to start a new party from scratch (which would take 15-20 years min to build up to be a major player in the political arena) or to reform the BNP after Griffin's goons have finished with it (debt ridden and totally discredited in the eyes of most voters).

UKIP has: money, a good size membership base, and is without the stigma of the old NF. Its policies are reasonable and, like all democratic parties, can be fine tuned (or even changed) by the grass-roots membership. The concerns expressed at branch meetings by UKIP's members, are the same concerns I heard from members at BNP meetings.

UKIP is not perfect, but it is seaworthy and heading in the right direction. Is there really any other option?

Cicero said...

"WE need a british party who without fear or favour will shout out as to what the british public want."
youve learned nowt. If that was the case you would be in government

If you shout all the time you get nowhere as people stop listening. Any salesman knows the secret to selling is to get the customer to do his own talking and he will talk himself into it with just a little coaxing.

Talk to people, stop telling them what YOU want to do and start telling them what the other parties are doing wrong and give them an alternative when they ask "well what would you do". The voter will come around without you shoving it down their throats.

Marching shouting sabre rattling are for a time when the majority of a Nation feels threatened.The only thing people feel really threatened about is the diminishing size of their wallets at the moment and that is not a major BNP issue.

I am not a BNP member but do as along with a lot of people agree with some of your objectives if not the way you intend to reach them.

Look through history from the nat/front British democrats/ BNP or any right wing party they all march, shout, make a lot of noise then disappear. The EDL now tainted is the latest example of how not to do it.

Silly Kuffar said...

Andrew Moffat comes across as an excellent person for the new Chairman if and when Nick steps down.
Though Nick could step down now and go as Deputy Chairman, that way he can concentrate on his political work within the EU, and still retain some control over the party.
If he were to do that we in Wigan would have no qualms with working hard to get Nick re-elected to the EU and let our New Chairman concentrate on the party at home.

But I also think another canidate could be Andrew Brons as his intelligence and the way he conducts himself is a real asset.
Another candidate could be Michael Barnbrook as he is cleaner than clean due to him being an ex-Police Inspector and the protagonist who started the ball rolling on getting the prosecution of the thieving scum inthe lib/lab/con who have been caught with their fingers in the till.
Just a few thoughts.

Silly Kuffar said...

Join us in the British National Party, what have you got to lose.
You could also contribute to our Blog.
We need like minded people like yourself to join us in our fight as we are both fighting for the same thing, we need to unite to fight as there are many small nationalist groups all fighting for the same thing but taking votes away from each other.
Divide and Conquer seems to working for the lib/lab/con.

What do you think ?
You can contact me by Email, just click on my profile and my contact details are on there.

Some of the things you do on your Blog would sit well within our Blog and its contributors.

Andyj said...

I would of said Andrew Brons but he said he's not going to stand for re-election for the EU wars so I doubt he would take on the Chairmanship.

The UKIP voter:
What people have come to say about UKIP being a vote diversion is becoming more true by the month.

You have not read anything about them? Certainly not seen the video I linked. Certainly have not heard of the many pressure groups who have walked away from UKIP with an empty hand. This includes those who have the means in law to free us of Europe.

Michael Barnbrook would be a great choice. Haven't heard him speak in public though.

Yes, the Nepotism must end. If the Beeb keeps having to query a new and votable person each time that can stand his ground, it can only do us good.

Anonymous said...

Some may see it as Mr.Butler’s activities regarding his deliberate undermining of the chairman as necessary for the good of nationalism but when you factor in the recent announcements and comments of Mr.Butler encouraging members to defect to the English Democratic Party and his alluring to “embrace multiculturalism” the “for the good of nationalism” argument fails.

The chairman of the party was less than a year ago democratically elected by the will of its voting members, and the continued undermining of the chairman by Mr. Butler and any others with the same intentions as Mr.Butler on the BNP payroll within the E.U. BNP staff will I hope not be tolerated for not much longer.